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Solar Eclipse presentation by Canon


Join Canon Live Learning and Rockbrook Camera for our Solar Eclipse Photography Boot Camp. This event is designed to help photographers learn how to shoot the eclipse safely and creatively. In our Boot Camp, you will have two opportunities to learn about photographing the solar eclipse — a free lecture/demonstration and an intense hands-on photography workshop.


Event Location:

Omaha Marriott 
10220 Regency Circle
Omaha, Nebraska 68114
United States 
(402) 399-9000


Saturday, July 22 | FREE Lecture & Demonstration
1pm - 3pm


Register for Lecture and Demonstration


 Canon Gear


About The Free Lecture & Demonstration:

Join Canon Resident Instructor Dave Henry to learn tips and tricks to capture images of the upcoming total Solar Eclipse. Dave will lead a discussion and demonstration to explain how you can photograph the solar eclipse safely and creatively.  


Our expert instructor will take you through a checklist of all the items you will need for a successful eclipse photography shoot:

• What cameras and lenses will provide the best results
• What solar filters you should use and how to select them
• What are practical accessories that will increase your likelihood of a successful shoot
• How to select the best location to photograph the eclipse
• What composition decisions lead to the best results


Most photographers who have captured a solar eclipse say that it can be a life-changing event — but only if you get the shot. Join our free workshop to help improve your chances of creating great photos of the solar eclipse.

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Sunday, July 23 | Hands-On Workshop 
9am - 3pm

Workshop Fee: $199

Register for Workshop


 Canon Gear     Canon Solar Filter


About The Workshop 

Join Canon Resident Photography Instructor Dave Henry for an intensive, hands-on workshop on photographing the solar eclipse. This event was designed for the photographer who wants to leave nothing to chance when preparing to photograph the solar eclipse.


In our hands-on workshop, you will learn and practice the essential steps for photographing a solar eclipse:

• How to choose the right camera and lens
• How to mount a solar filter correctly
• How to practice focusing and tracking the sun
• How to create correct exposure using solar filters
• How to exercise personal safety


In addition, you will go through a series of shooting drills where you simulate the 17 steps you will need to take during the 2 1/2 minutes the eclipse travels overhead. There is no room for error with this short time frame, and our drills will help build the confidence you need on August 21st. 

After the shoot, you will go back to the classroom where we will work through the steps of post processing your images to export spectacular imagery.


REGISTER NOW to save your seat!




For more information on Canon Live Learning events, contact:


Lynford Morton
Canon Live Learning Manager
Tel 631-330-4817