Canon R System: Unlock the Power of Your Mirrorless Camera!

Canon R System: Unlock the Power of Your Mirrorless Camera!

You've upgraded to Canon's R System. Now it's time to learn how to unlock its abilities!

LOCATION: 168th & W. Center | Omaha
COST: $149 per student

Unlock the potential of your Canon R camera! These mirrorless cameras have incredible abilities, and you'll learn about them in this class.

NOTE: Basic camera knowledge is a prerequisite. We recommend you have already taken the "Basics Class" or have knowledge of shutter, aperture, iso, light meter, exposure compensation and have a basic understanding of how cameras work.

What is Covered:

We will dive into your camera to get you comfortable with: 

- A deep dive into Canon's amazing autofocus abilities

- The Menu System

- Buttons and Controls

- Picture Styles

- How to customize your camera

- Drive Modes

- Movie Mode

- Electronic vs Mechanical Shutter

- Quick Menu

- Multiple Exposures

- HDR Mode

- Focus Bracketing

- In-Body Image Stabilization (IBIS) vs Lens Stabilization (IS)

Who is this class for? 

For anyone currently owning the Canon R System and wants a deep-dive into its abilities! 

What you need for this class: 

Please make sure to bring your Canon R camera and lens with a battery charged and ready-to-go. This is your opportunity to get hands-on instruction, and we'll be using your camera extensively in the class. Don't forget to make sure that you have space for new photos on your memory card! If you'd like to take notes, bring along note-taking supplies.

The Learning Community Difference

When you take this class, we welcome you into our Rockbrook Camera EDU Learning Community. We have a private Facebook group for participants of our classes, which allows you to get advice and tips in a safe and positive environment. 



Some shots from our store employees using the R System: 

Canon EOS R6

a moth drinking nectar from a purple flower

Grey heron fishing in a pond