The Ultimate Gift? Give the Gift of Learning...

The Ultimate Gift? Give the Gift of Learning...

Thoughtful gifts have impact, and there aren’t too many ways to make more of an impact than to give the gift of learning this holiday season. 

We have something for you, and it’s called the Learning Pathway. It’s going to make a difference with the photographer in your life!

These four classes have been designed to be a key component of a photographer’s learning process. Jerred Zegelis, spent the last 18 years teaching photography and created these classes to motivate and educate photographers to take the next steps on the way to becoming stronger creators. 

“These classes aren’t only fun and full of motivation, they are hands-on and gets photographers using their cameras every single class,” Zegelis said. “This is photography education supercharged!”

We start with Photo 101, which is the Basics Class. During this class students get hands-on experience learning how to navigate their camera’s menus to find the most important things to pay attention to, like camera modes, autofocus settings and more. Students leave the class far better able to take control of their cameras and begin their photography journey with new confidence. 

Photo 102 is all about composition, and in this course the students begin with some notes about the history of photography, what makes images great, and some composition tips. The fun comes when the entire class uses their camera to walk around the store and outside location to take photographs using what they learned, all the while getting personalized instruction from the instructor. 

Editing is sometimes a mystery for new photographers, and Photo 103 is all about learning not just the “how” of editing photographs, but more importantly, the “why.” Students learn by doing, and in this course students will bring their own portable device (such as their laptop, tablet or phone) to learn how to make photographs better with ANY photo editing software. The students will leave the course full aware of what needs to happen to take their photos to the next level in the editing stage. 

Finally, Photo 104 is the Manual Mode Mastery Course. This class will get every photographer the hands-on experience necessary to finally learn how to use manual mode on their camera. With a combination of notes and hours of hands-on in-class experience, every photographer will leave with the knowledge and experience to finally empower themselves to take the exact photograph they want, every single time. 

With over 8 hours of instruction in the Learning Pathway, Zegelis is confident students will be on their way to taking better images. 

“This is it,” Zegelis said. “It’s the hands-on, personalized experience that isn’t possible on YouTube or just sitting and taking notes. The students in these classes will walk away better photographers because of the in-person difference.” 

Each of these courses are offered every month and at varying class times, so anyone signing up for these courses are sure to find a convenient time to work these into their schedules. 

 You can find all the classes on this page:

Here are a few words from some who have already taken classes: 


"Took a class a couple weeks ago, and it helped my editing go so much smoother!!


"I photographed a bull riding event over the weekend and I love how the majority of the photos turned out. This is one of them.

The information I've gathered from the classes I've taken at Rockbrook Camera definitely helped prepare me for this opportunity." - Kasey W.