Promaster Extension Tube Set for Nikon F

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Promaster Extension Tube Set Nikon F

Extension tubes are a perfect solution to allow ultra close focusing without sacrificing the optical properties of your lens. Promaster Macro Automatic Extension Tubes are engineered for a precise fit and proper communication between your camera lens and body. The Promaster 8819 Automatic Extension Tube Set for Nikon F mount includes three tubes (12mm, 20mm, and 36mm) that can be used individually or in combination to gain the right magnification for your particular need. The tubes are compatible with APS-C and full frame size sensors, which is to say they work with Nikon's Fx and Dx formats. Protective dust caps and a handy neoprene storage case are also included in this premium kit.

These tubes maintain full electronic communication between your camera and lens. Functions such as AF, metering, etc... are kept intact.