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ProMaster Unplugged M300 Monolight

The PROMASTER UNPLUGGED m300 MONOLIGHT is a high-powered, wireless strobe that gives you the freedom to light a subject just about anywhere. It includes a wireless transmitter for your camera that can fire the light's built-in receiver from up to 300' on one of 16 channels. The included reflector can quickly be removed allowing you to connect a variety of light modifiers and shapers via the ProMaster-S mount (Bowens-S compatible). Or you can choose a photographic umbrella with or without a reflector attached. A snap-on diffuser is also included so you can soften the light coming through the reflector. The m300's controls are straightforward and reliable. Turn the audible alarm and LED modeling light on or off depending on your surroundings and needs. If you decide to run the m300 on AC power in a studio setting, an optional AC Adapter Kit is available for purchase (product 6845). You can expand on the m300's wireless firing system by adding Unplugged Receivers (product 6719) to fire other types of strobe lights and speedlights too!

Mount: Promaster-S (Bowens compatible)
Connectivity: Built-in mReceiver or 3.5mm sync. socket
Output Power: 200 lx-s at 10ft / 3 m (bare tube) | 525 lx-s at 10ft / 3 m (with included reflector)
Full Power Flashes on One Battery Charge: 240
Output Adjustment: 6 f-stops (1 - 1/32)
Sync Speed: 1/250s maximum
Recycling Time: 0.1 - 2 seconds
Color Temperature: 5500K +/- 200K
Battery: 2000 mAh 11.1 V
Battery Charge Time: Approximately 2 hours
Dimensions: 8in x 8in x 4 7/8in / 20.3 cm x 20.3 cm x 12.4 cm (not including reflector)
Weight: 3 lbs 1 3/8 oz / 1.4 kg (without battery) | 3 lbs 8 7/16 oz / 1.6 kg (with battery)

16 Channels
300ft / 100 m range
2.4 GHz operating frequency
2.5mm sync. socket
Weight: 1.6 oz / 46 g
Dimensions: 2 11/16in x 2 1/16in x 1 5/8in / 68mm x 52mm x 41mm
Power Source: 1 x 23A battery
* note: mTransmitter weight and dimensions do not include battery or cords

Supplied Accessories:
1 ProMaster Unplugged mTransmitter (6712)
1 Promaster Unplugged battery (6810)
1 ProMaster Unplugged battery charger (6922)
1 Reflector with removable diffuser
1 ProMaster Unplugged flash tube (6824) (user replaceable)
1 23A battery for mTransmitter