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Sony a7R IVA Body

Virtuoso expression. Sony’s full-frame mirrorless α7R IV reveals ever more overwhelming photographic vision, with expressive prowess once expected only in medium-format cameras, and remarkably high speed in a compact body. See how its enhanced rigidity and connectivity raise your productivity.
  • Unimagined Subtlety
    Full-frame Exmor R™ CMOS sensor combined with BIONZ X™ imaging engine delivers unprecedented resolution, fine gradation, and low noise to open entirely new dimensions of detail just as pro photographers expect. The α7R IV captures the mood of each scene and the texture of subjects.
  • 61MP Full-frame Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor
    The newly developed Exmor R CMOS image sensor boasts incomparable high resolution. The Back-illuminated design exhibits high sensitivity and low noise, despite an extremely high pixel count of 61MP.
  • Latest Processing Engine
    The BIONZ X image processing engine and front-end LSI to maximize high-resolution sensor performance and up to 15-stops3 of dynamic range.
  • Wide Standard ISO 100-32000 Range
    Regardless of increased pixels, the α7R IV delivers the highest standard ISO 320004 and reduces noise in the low- and mid-sensitivity ranges, achieving high-quality imagery.
  • In-body 5-axis Image Stabilization
    The in-body 5-axis image stabilizer algorithm is optimized to maximize high-resolution 61.0-megapixel2 image sensor performance. This fully supports your handheld shooting for reliability as effective as 5.5-stop5 higher shutter speed.
  • Shoot in Absolute Silence
    Silent shooting not only provides a useful advantage in venues where quiet is required but avoids vibration that can cause camera-shake blur. A vibration-free shutter maximizes the extremely high α7R IV resolution for crisp clear images.
  • Blur Reducing Structure
    To maximize the incredible resolution available to the α7R IV the tiniest vibrations need to be suppressed — Sony re-engineered the shutter unit assembly with dampened screws to absorb any shutter shock. Combined with an enhanced image stabilizer algorithm, blur is dramatically reduced, and pin-sharp detail is reliably captured.
  • Shake Free Shutter Release
    Remote camera operation using the optional wireless remote controller (RMT-P1BT) allows you to shoot effective stills while avoiding camera shake caused by pressing the shutter release. This maximizes the image sensor’s high resolution.
  • 5.76-million-dot UXGA OLED Tru-Finder
    This 5.76-million-dot electronic viewfinder reproduces fine detail with approximately 1.6 times higher resolution than α7R III. You can select "High" quality mode for high-precision yet natural realism while suppressing moiré and jaggies for better concentration. Smoother image with a 120/100fps frame rate makes it easy to track moving subjects.
  • The Highest-level Burst Speed in Its Class
    Regardless of remarkable image resolution, the α7R IV maintains its shooting speed of up to 10fps with a mechanical shutter (up to 8fps in live-view continuous shooting mode). This allows you to capture decisive moments—such as motion of wild animals—with subtle details made possible only by the 61.0 MP high-resolution imaging capability.
  • Useful 26.2 MP with APS-C Cropping
    Thanks to extraordinary image resolution, you can still maintain remarkable high-resolution images at approximately 26.2 megapixels even after cropping a full-frame image down to APS-C size. This means the α7R IV can help you proactively utilize 61.0-megapixel full-frame shooting, for example, in bird photography that tends to require cropping editing to magnify captured images.
  • Wide AF Coverage
    New image sensor provides wide and high-density AF coverage with 567 Phase-Detection AF points (approximately 99.7% height and 74% width). 425 contrast-detect AF points support precision focusing.
  • Fast AF Despite Higher Resolution
    Thanks to enhanced Fast Hybrid AF, the a7R IVA has the ability to capture a subject in remarkable detail, delivering swift AF in dim lighting.
  • Steadfast AF Tracking Further Improved
    Increased AF points, widened coverage of AF sensor and improved AF algorithmd have further enhanced subject-tracking performance for consistent shooting, even of complex sudden movements.
  • High-precision AF in Low-light Conditions
    Advanced AF algorithms contribute to AF precision at light levels as low as EV-3. The ‘Focus Priority in Aperture Drive’ option is for more accurate focusing in dim lighting and when the aperture is stopped down.
  • Shoot Up to 68 Images Continuously
    Because buffer memory size is 1.5 times larger, the camera maintains a burst shooting speed of up to approx. 68 images. With APS-C shooting mode, you can shoot approximately three times more photos than with full-frame shooting mode.
  • Dual Media Slots, Both Supporting UHS-II
    Both SLOT 1 and SLOT 2 are compatible with UHS-I and UHS-II for fast mass-volume data writing. The α7R IV can simultaneously or relay record, separate RAW/JPEG data and stills/movies and copy data between cards.
  • Extend Shooting to Professional Length
    The α7R IV uses a high-capacity NP-FZ100 battery. For longer hours of shooting, combine this with the optional VG-C4EM Vertical Grip holding up to two NP-FZ100 batteries, which allows you to shoot two times more shots than with α7R IV.
  • Rely On Smart AI-based Real-time Tracking
    AI-based Real-time Tracking is newly featured to greatly increase your success rate in challenging shots. Simply designate a subject and press the shutter button halfway and rely on the camera to steadfastly track the subject. With "Face/Eye Priority in AF" function, the α7R IV seamlessly changes tracking targets between face and eye when the subject is a person.
  • Technology Basis for Real-time Tracking
    Sony's original AI (Artificial Intelligence) subject recognition technology and algorithm process large volume data captured by the image sensor in real time, tracking moment-to-moment subject changes with a high degree of accuracy. Color, pattern, subject distance, human face and eye information are used for highly accurate subject recognition.
  • Real-time Eye AF with animal Eye Tracking for More Success
    Thanks to an improved algorithm, the α7R IV now supports animal eye in addition to human eye tracking, allowing fast, precise, automatic detection and tracking. This animal eye support will greatly increase your success in capturing images of animals in the wild or favorite pets at home when an obstacle comes into view or the camera's horizontal/vertical orientation often changes.
  • Real-time Eye AF: Evolution of Portraiture
    Real-time Eye AF represents the evolution of portrait shooting. This AI-aided technology provides immediate, accurate eye detection and tracking for crisp, clear focus on the subject’s face, even when capturing a fast-moving model in a photo session. The photographer can concentrate on composition — for smoother workflow that counts with pros.
  • Instant Focusing On an Eye
    When Face/Eye in AF Priority is on, simply half press the shutter, press the AF-ON Button, or an assigned custom button,. The camera takes care of focusing on the subject's eye.
  • Right/Left Eye Selection in AF
    Now you can even select a specific eye-left or right-before or during shooting via a custom button. Eye selection allows you to focus on composition, lighting, and other details.
  • Works with Real-Time Tracking
    You can combine the use of Real-Time Eye AF with Real-Time Tracking, which responds to dynamic subject motion. This collaboration enables tracking accuracy for comfortable portrait shooting.
  • Wireless & Wired Connective Solutions for Demanding Pros
    The α7R IV supports various options for PC Remote functions and means of data transfer including 5 GHz Wi-Fi. Take full advantage of more choice and convenience in remote shooting operation and data backup.
  • Wireless Tethered Shooting for Flexible Shooting
    Use PC Remote to control the a7R IV or transfer data to PC via Imaging Edge Remote software application (version 2.0 or later). Faster 5GHz Wi-Fi option is available for more shooting flexibility.
  • Even Faster PC Remote with Wired Connection via USB
    Use USB 3.2 Gen 1 compatible USB Type-C port for faster transfer with new algorithm for wired PC Remote shooting. Transfer large uncompressed RAW smoothly without workflow interruption.
  • Support for FTP Background Transfer
    To meet pro needs for prompt delivery, the a7R IV supports FTP background transfer during and after shooting for JPEG and RAW file delivery . Up to nine FTP servers can assigned in advance.
  • Imaging Edge Remote, Viewer, & Edit Desktop Apps
    Elevate your photography with Imaging Edge desktop applications. Use ‘Remote’ to control and monitor shooting live on your PC screen.
  • Capture One for Sony
    Capture One Express for Sony is free award-winning editing software that provides RAW development, easy management and powerful editing tools. Capture One Pro for Sony can be bought for even more editing tools and tethered shooting capability.
  • A Different Dimension of Fidelity
    Now supports compositing 16 images with Pixel Shift Multi Shooting. This renewed feature shifts the sensor in half or one pixel increments in a programmed order to capture 16 pixel-shifted images, composited into one high-precision image of approx. 240.8 MP from original data of approx.
  • Save & Load Settings
    The new Save/Load Settings function allows you to save camera settings in SD memory cards and read them from the cards for convenient sharing of settings with other cameras as needed.
  • Efficient Image Selection
    Apply star ratings and image protection via the review playback display right on the spot. Jumping display at every 10/100 photos and group review of continuous shots are added conveniences.
  • Improved Menu Interface
    Illustration of custom key settings on the menu screen makes it easier to understand usage. In addition, you can switch between menu tabs using the front dial or Fn button with one hand.
  • Steadfast AF Tracking for Stunning Movies
    Meet the rigorous autofocus demands of 4K movies with enhanced Fast Hybrid AF. You have high speed, precision, and tracking performance at your command for smooth, stable AF movie shooting. Adjust AF tracking sensitivity for steady focus.
  • Real-time Eye AF for Movie Shooting
    Real-time Eye AF newly supports movie shooting by detecting the subject's eyes and continuing to track one eye. As the a7R IV keeps that eye in precise focus, you can concentrate on the composition.
  • Touch Tracking for Persistent Focus on Your Subject
    When shooting movies, touch a subject on the LCD monitor. The a7R IV begins focusing and following with Touch Tracking, and if it spots a human eye, Real-time Eye AF activates and tracks it, too.
  • Digital Audio Interface for Clear Sound Recording
    Digital Audio Interface enhances Multi Interface Shoe (MI Shoe). Use the new ECM-B1M Shotgun Microphone or new XLR Adaptor Kit to record high quality sound with minimal distortion.

Sony Alpha a7R IVA Camer Body
Sony NP-FZ100 Battery
Sony BC-QZ1 Battery Charger
Sony ALC-B1EM Body Cap for E-Mount Cameras
Cable Protector
Shoulder Strap
Accessory Shoe Cap
Eyepiece Cup
USB Type-C Cable
Sony USA 1 Year Limited Warranty