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Promaster 67mm HGX Prime Circular Polarizing Filter

This Circular Polarizing Filter lets 30% more light reach your camera than everyday polarizers while reducing reflections and enhancing color saturation. Crafted for fine lenses, HGX Prime filters are individually ground, polished, and coated. They repel dirt and transmit brilliant light to achieve the clearest possible image.
  • Protective
    Repellemax II Anti-static barrier resists dust, dirt, oil, water and fingerprints
  • Best Image
    Cutting-edge multi-coatings and black rimmed glass pass the clearest light to your sensor
  • Strong and Durable
    Ultra hardened glass with scratch resistant coating
  • Bright
    Extremely high visible light transmission to your camera
  • Specifications:
  • Thread size: 67 mm
    Outer diameter: 70 mm
    Frame thickness: 7.0 mm
    Lens thickness: 2.0 mm
    Coatings: 18 layers
    Light transmission rate: maximum 88.9%/ 44.4% average at 400 - 700 nm
    Reflection: less than 0.6% (average at 420 - 680 nm) Made in Japan