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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Body

The EOS 5D Mark IV camera builds on the powerful legacy of the 5D series, offering amazing refinements in image quality, performance and versatility. Canon's commitment to imaging excellence is the soul of this camera. Wedding and portrait photographers, nature and landscape shooters, as well as creative videographers will appreciate the brilliance and power that the EOS 5D Mark IV delivers. Superb image quality is achieved with Canon's all-new 30.4 Megapixel(MP) full-frame sensor, and highly-detailed 4K video is captured with ease. Focus accuracy has been improved with a refined 61-point AF system and Canon's revolutionary Dual Pixel CMOS AF for quick, smooth AF for both video and Live View shooting. Fast operation is enhanced with Canon's DIGIC 6+ Image Processor, which provides continuous shooting at up to 7 fps. Built-in Wi-Fi, GPS and an easy-to-navigate touch-panel LCD allow the camera to become an extension of you. When quality matters, the camera helps deliver results to inspire even the most discerning image maker.
  • 30.4MP CMOS Sensor
    The camera boasts a full-frame, high-speed CMOS sensor that’s ideal for a broad range of applications with its remarkable high-resolution abilities. Measuring approximately 36mm x 24mm frame, it records 30.4MP at normal ISOs of up to 32000. It also captures incredible still and 4K video clips suitable for significant post-processing, retouching and cropping. Featuring an ISO range of 100–32000 (expandable to 50–102400), the camera is well-suited for low-light photography.
  • 4K Motion JPEG video with 8MP Frame Grabs
    The camera is a remarkably capable video camera. Thanks to its impressive CMOS sensor and its high-speed DIGIC 6+ Image Processor, it can transition from taking still photographs to shooting videos in a near instant, capturing Digital Cinema (DCI) standard 4K (Motion JPEG) videos of 4096 x 2160 pixels at up to 30 or 24 fps and the 4K broadcasting standard of 3840 x 2160 pixels. Featuring advanced Live View operation and responsive Dual Pixel CMOS AF, it has a touch panel display with focus points that can be selected during operation, and confirmed by selecting and saving an 8.8MP image with in-camera 4K still frame grab. It is able to shoot Full HD video at up to 60p plus HD at frame rates as high as 120p for slow-motion. It also supports both MOV and MP4 formats right out of the camera.
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF with Touch Screen AF
    Featuring two photodiodes per pixel and each pixel capable of phase-difference detection autofocus, the CMOS sensor can deliver fast and accurate AF. Able to detect shifts in movement at the pixel level, Dual Pixel CMOS AF enables continuous automatic AF and AF tracking that enhances overall camera operation for sharp still images and smooth, accurate focus transitions in movies. Working with the camera's 3.2" touch panel LCD screen, Dual Pixel CMOS AF lets photographers select focus points throughout the frame with the touch of a finger, and confirm focus by zooming in on the image or enlarging stills grabbed from video recordings.
  • The 61 PT Auto Focus System has evolved.
    To complement its stellar CMOS sensor and powerful processing abilities, the camera incorporates a 61-point High Density Reticular AF II system. It features up to 41 cross-type points and an extensive AF area that extends well into the top and bottom of the peripheral frame. It has a wide subject tracking area giving the AF system consistent focus tracking to capture the action at hand and includes Canon’s AI Servo AF III. Low-light performance is phenomenal, the AF system’s low-light limit is EV -3 (center AF point) and all 61 AF points can focus down to f/8 for excellent low-light performance.
  • 150,000 Pixel RGB+IR Metering System
    To help deliver nearly fool-proof performance, the camera employs a powerful and instant subject and light analysis system.The system uses its own RGB+IR light sensor to provide the camera with immense image analysis in an instant. The sensor enables anti-flicker function, which detects the frequency and phase of a light source’s flicker (ex. fluorescent light) and captures images near the point of peak brightness when the subject is most likely to be well-illuminated.
  • Dual Pixel RAW
    The camera is equipped with a number of advanced features designed to combat image degradation from lens aberration, focus and other characteristics that can adversely affect the quality of the final image. The Dual Pixel CMOS AF system enables capture of Dual Pixel Raw (DPRAW) files. Images shot as DPRAWs have additional adjustment possibilities when processed with Canon’s Digital Photo Professional image processing software, which enables pixel-level adjustment and refinement for still photographs and includes Image Micro-adjustment to help maximize sharpness in detail areas, Bokeh Shift for more pleasing soft focus areas and Ghosting Reduction to help reduce aberrations and flare. It comes preloaded with aberration data particular to specific lenses, helping to eliminate the need to register lens data on previously released lenses and correcting images with virtually no delay in-camera. The not only fixes peripheral brightness and chromatic aberration, but also features distortion correction and diffraction correction. Distortion correction helps resolve distortions, while diffraction correction helps to eliminate the blurring effects from diffraction that can be created when capturing an image at a small aperture.

EOS 5D Mark IV Body
Battery Pack LP-E6N
Battery Charger LC-E6
Eyecup Eg
Wide Strap
Cable Protector
Interface Cable
EOS DIGITAL Solution Disk
Canon USA 1 Year Limited Warranty