Item #: 203529

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Rogue Flashbender Large Reflector

A trifecta of capability, the Rogue Flashbender Large Reflector can be used as a reflector to bounce light on a subject, as a flag to prevent light from striking something, or a snoot for creating more of a spotlight.  The Large Reflector is ideally suited to off-camera use due to its size.  Also, please note that when on a flash, it is designed to be used with the flash head pointed vertically (up) unless it is shaped into snoot form.  Using a patent pending design, the Small Reflector uses three flexible rods that allow you to bend the reflector to the position you want and stay that way.  Requires no separate pieces or ugly adhesives and velcro for attaching to your flash.

  • Weight 6oz.
  • Size 10"x11"

    One year limited warranty