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26.1 MP

ISO sensitivity


continuous shooting

11 FPS


FUJIFILM X-Pro 3 Black Body

Something different is here. This camera turns anticipation into reality. The texture of titanium stimulates your senses, while the unique viewfinder prompts discovery and creativity. It brings back the desire to interact with the world through a camera, while attaining an understanding to record it as your own for eternity. The X-Pro3 is the definition of pure photography. DR Silver keeps the natural titanium color, showing the beautiful contrast of highlights and shadows in harmony with the camera’s elegant design. The application of Duratect™ preserves the finish forever. Street photographers prefer to carry their camera on them rather than putting it in a bag, to make sure they are ready to capture those fleeting moments that will never exist again. What they need is a compact, lightweight and reliable camera, allowing them to focus on capturing the world around them.
  • Hybrid OVF/EVF
    One of the best things about digital cameras is the EVF, it is the only way to see exactly how your settings will change the end result. However, we know that an OVF gives a primal sense of photographic pleasure, allowing users to enjoy “looking through the lens” at their subject. The EVF facilitates composing your image within the frame, while the OVF opens your creativity to what is going on outside the frame. The hybrid viewfinder allows you to switch between the two with a simple flick of the lever. The rangefinder OVF allows you to explore the world outside the viewfinder frame. Allowing you to anticipate a chance moment arriving before you press the shutter.
  • Hidden LCD Screen
    he hidden LCD encourages a more traditional shooting style, asking photographers to concentrate on composing using the viewfinder. Of course, you can flip open the screen to check your images between shooting sessions, but in essence, the X-Pro3 wants you to trust your instincts as a photographer and shoot without the distraction of checking every image. The LCD screen helps you to adjust the settings and find what needs to be improved, ready for next time.
  • Low Light AF
    The X-Pro 3 has a -6EV rating enabling shooting in situations that have been deemed "pitch darkness" until now. 
  • Multiple Exposure
    The camera can merge up to 9 frames in Additive, Comparative Bright, or Comparative Dark modes, combining images taken from mulitple view points or at different times into a single image. Film simulations can be added to each of the frames, and paste color fragments onto monochrome images to create a multi-layered collage.
  • HDR
    A powerful tool to expand an scene's dynamic range, than what occurs naturally, yet is capable of producing a new type of HDR with smooth tonality and beautiful colors.
  • Classic Negative
    The new Film Simulation mode has been designed to simulate color negative film that was traditionally chosen for snapshots of everyday scenes. The colors, precisely controlled for each level of brightness, create a rich chromatic contrast to add extra definition. The new “CLASSIC Neg.” takes you back to scenes as you saw them growing up, bringing back the joy of photography.
  • Monochromatic Color
    The X-Pro3 allows you to choose a key color from a matrix of Warm / Cool tones and Magenta / Green hues. You can incorporate the rich gradation into your images to create photographs with a personal twist. Enjoy creating your own monochrome world with added hues, going beyond the traditional approach of using warm tones for a retro look and cool tones for urban snapshots.
  • Clarity
    "Clarity" is the third parameter after Tone and Sharpness. It controls a picture's impression while retaining gradation.
  • Color Chrome Effect Blue
    This adds more depth and naturally enhances the vividness of the color.

FUJIFILM X-Pro3 Mirrorless Digital Camera Dura Silver
Shoulder Strap
USB Cable
3.5mm Microphone Adapter
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