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Godox TT350O Mini Thinklite TTL Flash for Olympus/Panasonic

The TT350O mini flash is great for general use flash photography on Olympus/Panasonic cameras. This flash is compatible with TTL autoflash to make your flash photography simpler, and only requires two AA batteries.

Key Features:

  • 2.4G Wireless X System
    Not only is this a compact speedlight flash, but it is also full compatible with the Godox 2.4G Wireless X System for radio transmission between multiple Godox speedlights and strobes with up to 98.43 feet transmission range.

  • Master & Slave Flash
    When using the Godox 2.4G Wirlesss X System, the TT350O is fully compatible multiple speedlights and strobes in the Godox systems. As a Master unit, the TT350O can control these units: AD600, AD600M, AD360IIC, AD360IIN, V860IIO, V850II, TT685O, and TT600. As a slave unit, the TT350O can be controlled by these master unit models: X1TO, V860IIO, V850II, TT685O, and TT600.

  • Full TTL Functions
    The TT350O supports High Speed Sync (HSS) up to 1/8000th of a second, Front and Rear Curtain Sync, Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC), Multi Flash, and Manual Flash operations throught auto TTL funcitons.

  • Using the X1TO Wireless Transmitter for Better User Experience
    With 2.4G wireless transmission, the X1TC fits for use on Olympus/Panasonic cameras and can be used to trigger camera flash, studio flash, and the camera shutter up to a 98.43 foot range. The X1TO offers support for TTL autoflash, manual flash, multi flash, 1/8000th of a sec HSS, flash exposure compensation, flash exposure lock, manual focus assist, rear curtain sync, etc. The X1TO is also compatible with the wireless grouping system to satisfy various shooting requirements.

  • Convenient LCD Panel
    The LCD panel of the TT350O offers clear and easy operation, giving the user 4 function buttons to change various settings according to different situations, while the turn dial allows value changes in each setting.

  • Performance & Useful Functions
    The TT350O offers a GN36 Guide Number (ISO 100 at 105mm) with 22 steps of power output (1/1-1/128). The flash also gives you a recycling time of 0.1-2.2 seconds, with 210 powerful flashes from the batteries (using 2500mAh Ni-MH AA batteries). The TT350O offers you support for TTL/Manual/Multi/S1/S2 modes, 24-105mm auto/manual zooming flash function in the head, and Custom Function settings.

  • Compatible Camera Models
    Multiple current Olympus/Panasonic camera models are compatible the TT350O: e.g. Olympus: E-M10II/M10III, E-M5II, E-M1/M1II, E-PL5/6/7/8/9, E-P3/5, Pen-F, & Panasonic: GH-4/5, G8, G9, GX7/GX8, GX85, G7, G85, G95, GF1, LX100/LX100II, FZ200/300, FZ1000/1000II, FZ2500, etc.

    Supplied Accessories:
    Godox TT350O Mini Thinklite TTL Flash for Olympus/Panasonic
    Mini Stand
    Protective Case
    1 Year Limited Warranty