Photosol PEC-12 Emulsion Cleaner

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Photosol PEC-12 Emulsion Cleaner

PEC-12® is a waterless Photographic Emulsion Cleaner which is suitable for use on most film and print emulsions. It is a blend of organic hydrocarbon solvents with a neutral pH and is free from chlorofluorocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons. It dries instantly, leaves no residue and meets archival needs. Because it contains no water, PEC-12® will not cause emulsion swelling, tackiness, water marks or other damage associated with re-washing.

PEC-12® is designed to remove non-water based stains, grease and inks from photographic emulsions and bases. It removes finger oils, grease pencil, adhesive tape residues, mildew, smoke and soot damage, gold foil stamp and most ball-point and permanent inks. It will aid in the removal of firmly affixed adhesive tape. Graphic arts applications include the easy removal of wax and rubylith.

PEC-12® is safer to use than most other hydrocarbon solvents. It contains no halogens which cause ozone damage and no known or suspected carcinogens. It is less hazardous to health than solvents used in office copier toners. It is also less toxic than many organic solvents found in the typical home. PEC-12® is extremely stable and has an indefinite shelf life when kept in its original capped container. Like most solvents, PEC-12® is flammable. It must be kept away from open flames and sparks. Do not use in any areas which lack adequate ventilation. Individuals with asthma or other breathing difficulties should avoid inhaling PEC-12® or any solvent vapors. While excessive inhalation may cause dizziness and nausea, a headache will be experienced long before these more serious symptoms occur. At the first sign of a headache, discontinue use and seek fresh air. A headache is also an indication that the ventilation in use is inadequate for ANY darkroom use! PEC-12® is hygroscopic. It will absorb moisture from the air if left uncapped. This will be evident if PEC-12® begins to wet and swell an emulsion. Discard immediately, by placing the open container outside until it has evaporated. Because PEC-12® is effective at removing finger oils from photographic emulsions, it is only natural that it will dissolve these oils from your skin! This can cause irritation and rashes in individuals with sensitive skin but otherwise will cause only mild dry skin after continued and prolonged exposure. Those with chronic skin conditions, such as eczema should avoid direct contact with PEC-12® for this reason. It will sting open cuts or abrasions. A good quality plastic examination glove should be worn to avoid skin contact should any difficulty be experienced.

PEC-12® has been tested by an independent organization concerned with photographic preservation. It found that PEC-12® will not cause any hidden or long term damage to photographic images. It has no adverse effects on long term B&W or color image permanence or on dye stability.

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