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The AKC320 is an excellent solution for any photographer needing controlled color temperature from a compact and economical monolight. It’s easy to use and won’t break your budget.
StudioMax® III lights employ “constant color” technology which prevents the color temperature from visibly shifting, regardless of flash power level. That’s a concern when shooting digital. You can be confident that the white balance at 320Ws is the white balance at 10Ws.
Adjusting the flash power over the 6 f-stop range is a simple matter of twisting a knob. The color-corrected flash tube is user replaceable. The 100-watt modeling lamp can be operated full on or off as needed.
The AKC320 is compact. It weighs only three pounds, so it’s great for location work and as an accent or hair light when in the studio. A high-impact ABS housing protects the unit.
There’s a dedicated line of very affordable accessories for the AKC320. For added flexibility, all Photogenic Quick-Change light shaping accessories will fit these lights, too.
Constant color output in an economical and compact monolight: that’s the StudioMax AKC320.

What's Included?

C4-12C Color Corrected Flash Tube

ESR 100-Watt Quartz Lamp

PL7R 7½" High-Gain Reflector

PLLC AC Power Cord

PG4000PC StudioMax Sync Cord

PLFTP Flash Tube Protector