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ProMaster 4-Layer Photo Gloves Large

PROMASTER 4-LAYER PHOTO GLOVES are excellent for photography in cold weather. The 4-layer design is windproof and water resistant to keep your hands warm. The index finger and thumb tips fold back for a more tactile experience with your camera. A non-slip coating on the fingers and palm ensure a firm, safe grip on your precious photo gear. Ribbed wrist cuffs keep wind out and warmth in.

Key Features:

  • Keep your hands from freezing while you're having fun in the cold with your camera!

  • Instead of having to take off your gloves or go without them, remove the pointer-finger cover for touching the shutter of your camera.

  • ProMaster Photo Gloves come in Knit and 4-Layer styles in MEDIUM, LARGE, & EXTRA-LARGE sizes.

  • Nothing beats having warm hands when handling your gear in cool or even freezing temperatures.