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ProMaster B270D Basis LED 2 Light Kit

The PROMASTER BASIS B270 studio light is daylight balanced and has excellent color accuracy to give your photos a sunlight-quality effect. Its controls are easy to use and have a full range of adjustment. The B270 consumes very little power and remains cool and quiet during operation, making it a great light source for photography and videography. Because of its constant illumination you can easily see highlights, shadows, and other lighting effects while using and adjusting the B270.


Per light:
Output power: 270 lux at 10' / 3m at maximum power
Power consumption: 55 W
Color temperature: 5600K +/- 200K
Color accuracy: CRI 90+
Dimensions: 13" H x 11" W x 7 3/4" D / 330.2mm x 279.4mm x 196.9mm
Weight: 34.8 oz / 986 g (not including AC power adapter or diffusion sock)

Supplied Accessories:

2 ProMaster B270 Studio lights with integrated tilting brackets and umbrella holders
2 White diffusion socks
2 5 1/2' Light stands
2 AC power adapters
1 Carry bag