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ProMaster Specialist SPCM428K Cine Monopod Kit

The ProMaster SPCM428K Specialist Cine Monopod Kit is a modular solution for shooting steady video footage. Its SPCH20 Cine Head is a small but mighty head designed for use with mirrorless and DSLR cameras shooting video or still photos. It provides smooth tilt / pan movements and features a cushiioned handle which can be reversed for right-hand or left-hand use. Its sliding quick relelase plate lets you balance your camera properly and has a scale for quick, repeatable use. The dovetail design of the quick release plate is comatible with a variety of other ProMaster accessories as well as many industry standard items. The mult-position quick release receiver at the top of the head can be set up in various orientations for front-to-back QR plate mounting or side-to-side. Red touch points quickly identify the controls of this head. A separate panning control knob helps you achieve smooth, even pans and a marked scale at the panning base shows precise movemement. Many telephoto lenses with dovetail style (arca-swiss compatible) tripod collars work extremely well with the SPCH20 head in achieving excellent, smooth tracking of animals for wildlife photography too. The monopod features ProMaster's PROlocks for fast opening and powerful closing of its 4 sections. It is generously tall for a viewpoint above crowds. The upper portion of the monopod can be separated and reinstalled in place of the center column on ProMaster Specialist SP528, SP528C, SP532, SP532C tripods. This modular design lets you switch between monopod and tripod fast. The 3-point base of this kit has wide, foldable legs to provide stability. Its ball joint with tension control gives smooth movement to the entire monopod. A special collar is used to lock the monopod vertically for smooth panning. The 3-point base is removable. A rubber foot or stainless-steel spike (both included) can be attached to the monopod in its place. The kit also includes a ground-level adapter which allows the upper portion of the monopod to be directly mounted to the 3-point base for a unique shooting perspective.

Key Features:

  • Convertible between 3-point base & single-foot monopod
  • Ground-level adaptable for low perspective
  • Reversible handle for right or left-hand control
  • Tension control at 3-point base
  • Vertical base lock for smooth, even panning
  • PROlocks for quick, strong extension
  • Red colored touch points
  • ProMaster dovetail QR system(arca-swiss compatible)

    Kit Specifications:
    Maximum Working Height: 72.25in / 183.5cm
    Minimum Working Height: 12.25in / 31.1cm
    Closed Length: 28.94in / 73.5cm
    Weight: 3lbs 10oz / 1.64kg
    Note: Min. working height is acheived with ground-level adapter & 3-point base installed

    Cine Head Specifications:
    Height: 3.94 / 10cm
    Weight: 14.25oz / 0.43kg
    Tilt Angle: +60 / -90
    Maximum Load: 6lbs 9oz / 3kg
    Uses Quick Release Plate #1711

    Base Specifications:
    Closed Length: 9.25in / 23.5cm
    Weight: 1 lb 6.75oz / 0.64kg

    Supplied Accessories:
    SPCM428 Monopod
    SPCH20 Cine Head
    SPMB1 3-point, folding base
    1711 Quick Release Plate
    Ground-level adapter
    Rubber monopod foot
    Stainless steel monopod spike
    Soft, padded hand wrap
    Fabric storage case