SIGMA 120-300 2.8 DG OS NIKON

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Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8 DG HSM OS Sport Lens for Nikon F

The Sigma 120-300 F2.8 DG HSM OS is the first lens introduced into the Sports category for Sigma’s Global Vision. Designed for full frame cameras but can work with APS-C sized sensors as well, the 120-300 F2.8 has a large aperture and versatile focal length, ideal for a wide range of photography. Though placed in the Sports category, the 120-300 F2.8 is also great for nature, automotive, wildlife, and everything in between. Equipped with state of the art technology such as a Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM), an Optical Stabilizer (OS) and Inner Focusing and Zooming, the 120-300 F2.8 ensures sharp and beautiful images. The HSM allows for a quiet, fast, and accurate autofocusing while the OS compensates for camera shake while shooting by hand. Two FLD glass elements, which have performance equal to fluorite, are incorporated with one SLD element to reduce color aberration at the highest degree. The Sports category offers not only a higher level of customization through the Sigma USB dock*, but also has a dust and splash proof design.
  • Telephoto Low-Light Zoom
    For your DSLR; whether shooting indoor or night-time sports, wild life, or any variety of action day or night, you get the ability to gather light in a telephoto range unlike any other without having to carry a 300 f/2.8 prime and an 70-200 f/2.8 zoom.
  • Bokeh
    A strong telephoto lens that can shoot action in low light and distort background strongly. The Sigma 120-300mm Sport takes subject isolating images that allows for both sharp images and telling the subject's story.
  • Dust and Splash Resistant
    In a downpour, in a blizzard, or in the hot blowing desert the Sigma 120-300mm Sport lens will remain reliable for your continued use through the day.
  • Teleconverter Capable
    Use Sigma's TC-1401 (1.4x TC) and TC-2001 (2x TC) to extend your telephoto range to either 168-420mm f/4 Zoom or a 240-600mm f/5.6 lens on your DSLR. Extend your range, get the most of your lens.
  • USB Dock UD-01
    Grab a USB Dock UD-01 to optimize and personalize the use of your Sigma Global Vision lens. The Sigma 120-300mm Sport lens combined with UD-01 allows you to use special software (SIGMA Optimization Pro) that can update the lens firmware and adjust parameters such as focus. In addition, the lenses from our Sports line have customizable AF speed, focus limiter and OS function. The “Custom Mode Switch” is the device for further customization on the dedicated lenses.

Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8 DG OS HSM Lens for Nikon
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