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Sigma 500mm f/4 DG OS HSM Sport for Nikon F

The Sigma 500mm F4 DG HSM OS Sports lens is the first prime telephoto DSLR lens in Sigma's critically acclaimed Sports line. Designed for professional photographers, the 500mm F4 Sports is a rugged dust and splash proof lens created to weather the harsh conditions that many photographers find themselves in when shooting outdoors. Exceptional image quality is achieved through rigorous optical design testing while autofocus and quality is maintained when paired with the Sigma TC-1401 1.4X and TC-2001 2X teleconverter. An advanced Optical Stabilizer (OS) touts a two mode switch, #1 for handheld photography, #2 for panning and tracking vertically and horizontally. The new Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM) touts 1.3X the torque of previous models for fast and snappy focusing while the state-of-the-art electromagnetic diaphragm is included for Nikon mounts and provides a new degree of performance for high speed shooting. USB Lens Dock and Sigma Optimization Pro allow for lens customization including personalized focus limiters, 4 zone micro focus tuning, OS preview behavior, AF performance enhancement. Transverse chromatic aberration is greatly controlled through optical design and 500mm F4 Art allows for rear filters to be used, while a Sigma Weather Resistant (WR) Protector filter is provided with purchase.

  • Sport Global Vision Line
    The Sports line of Sigma's Global Vision series, is designed to give optical performance, speed, and other customizable features that make it an ideal choice for wildlife, sports, and action.
  • Fast Super Telephoto
    A 500mm f/4 prime lens designed for full-frame and APS-c format cameras. A relatively fast f/4 maximum aperture provides excellent illumination for a lens of this focal length.
  • Excellent Optical Quality
    One SLD and two FLD elements have been incorporated within the lens design to correct for chromatic aberrations helping to ensure high image sharpness, contrast, and clarity regardless of focal point or aperture. A Super Multi-Layer Coating is applied to the lens elements to minimize lens flare and ghosting, and contribute to producing contrast-rich and color-neutral imagery, even in backlight.
  • High Performance
    The integrated HSM (Hyper Sonic Motor) realizes quick and quiet autofocusing, and is further aided by an optimized AF algorithm to provide a more efficient focusing performance. A dedicated switch on the barrel of the lens provides multiple AF modes, including a focus recall and AF off. The HSM allows full-time manual focus control by rotating the focus ring. Two manual focus modes are available, the standard AF/MF option and an MO (Manual Override) setting that switches the lens into manual even during continuous AF.
  • Powerful Stabilization
    Optical Stabilizer system can compensate for approximately 4 stops of shutter speed. Two modes are available, one for general use (Mode 1) and one for panning (Mode 2), which uses Intelligent OS for more effective panning in any direction.
  • Extendedable Reach
    Compatible with Sigma Global Vision Teleconverters, this lens can be extended into a 700mm f/5.6 lens with the 1.4x teleconverter or a 1000mm f/8 lens with the 2x teleconverter.
  • Powerful Defocusing & Filtering
    A rounded nine-blade diaphragm helps to produce an attractive bokeh. The drop-in filter system works with 46mm filters.
  • Durability
    The lens barrel is made from a magnesium alloy that is lightweight and durable, allowing the lens to perform in a wide range of situations. The bayonet mount is made from brass for ensured accuracy and durability. The lens hood is made of carbon fiber, a lightweight but strong material that will perform in tough conditions.
  • Versatile
    A rotating tripod foot keeps this lens secure during shoots and features antistatic nickel plating to improve durability. It features click stops every 90° and can be turned off with a de-clicking switch for smooth movement.
  • Weather Resistant
    Dust-proof and splash-proof construction with rubber sealing to protect the mount and a water and oil repellent coating on the front and rear elementsof the lens.
  • Fine Tuning
    This lens is compatible with the optional Sigma USB Dock for finetuning different lens characteristics and updating its operational firmware.
  • Electromagnetic Diaphram
    For greater performance and consistency in exprosure the optical system now incorporates a new diaphram the will allow continuous shooting sequences to have consistency in their exposure frame to frame.

Sigma 500mm f/4 DG OS HSM Sports Lens for Nikon F
Sigma FWR Protector
Sigma LH1388-01 Lens Hood
Sigma Lens Case
Simga USA 1 Year Limited Warranty

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