Item #: 16561

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Get sharp, professional results with your camera.  Comine the Ultrpod II with a tree limb, rock, or railing and you have sturdy camera support almost anywhere. 

Sturdy fold out legs with vinyl feet provide solid support on most surfaces, while the strong Velcro strap allows attachment to a variety of objects.  The unique ball and socket mounting head allows the camera to be positioned to almost any angle.

  Weight: 4.0-oz.
  Size-Folded: 7½" long x 2" wide x 2½" high.
  Height-Open: 6¼" high.
  Footprint-Open: Triangular - 9" wide x
   8½" long.
  Maximum Design Load: 4 lbs.
  Maximum Safe Load: 6 lbs.