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Westcott 52" 4-in-1 Gold/Silver Reflector Kit

Compact on the go Reflector set

The Westcott 52" 4-in-1 Gold/Silver Reflector Kit contains two panels for ideal results. Use the diffusion panel to diffuse harsh light overhead. Fill in unwanted shadows with the second reflective panel. The kit comes with silver which offers cool tones and specular highlights white adding “punch” to images and gold which produces warm tones and is ideal with fair skinned subjects. The Wescott 52" 4-in-1 Gold/Silver Reflector Kit is great for photographing a subject outdoors, harsh overhead sunlight causes heavy shadows to appear on the face. These can quickly and easily be diffused by placing the diffuser between the subject and the sun. Eliminate reflections by placing the diffuser between a reflective product and your light source will soften unwanted highlights and harsh reflections. Easily handholdable for in the studio or on location, this reflector is ideal for portraits and small to mid-sized objects.Reflectors are also simple to set up, just open and close effortlessly in seconds. They can easily be handheld or mounted using an optional reflector arm and light stand. Aside from the many uses of the Westcott 52" 4-in-1 Gold/Silver Reflector Kit it is built to last with double riveted sprung steel frames made using the highest quality materials and offer a lifetime warranty. Compare this to many hand-clamped styles currently on the market that will wear down over time.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for mid to large sized objects
  • Opens and collapses in seconds
  • Diffuse & Reflect in tandem
  • Collapses to 1/3 it’s open size
  • Lifetime frame warranty

Supplied Accessories:

  • Gold/Silver Reflector
  • Carrying/Storage Case

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