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The new XPRO Monopod PRIME is a professional carbon fiber photo monopod made for photographers who require extra height to stand above of the crowd, or to master a wide range of shooting angles. If combined with the photo monopod head 234RC with a camera on top it allows to enhance the shooting experience by dramatically increase the framing speed and versatility. The MMXPROC4US represents the perfect combination of performance and portability, allowing to easily carrying it while changing spots on the field and exploit the stiffness and solidity of the carbon fiber legs.

The MMXPROC4US is a four-section lightweight photo camera monopod that supports up to 15.4 lbs. while weighing only 1.32 lbs.

The 100-percent carbon fiber legs give the monopod high rigidity whilst better absorbing micro movements to ensure excellent image quality. That, combined with the Quick Power Lock (QPL) which strongly locks the lever through an easily ergonomic closing mechanism it will reduce unwanted jerky movements.

Thanks to the newly designed leg warmer which provides an exceptional grip and the dual 1/4'' - 3/8'' photo camera fixing screw, this new generation of monopods is more handy, fast and versatile on the field.

The MMXPROC4US replaces the Manfrotto 694CX.

Key Features:

  • Solid and Fast to set up Quick Power Lock
    The new Quick Power Lock levers provide extreme locking grip and can be released with one single hand movement. The QPL significantly enhances the easy, fast and secure set up allowing the photographer to move quickly and safely without worrying about its camera support.

  • New Rubber Leg Warmer
    The new Rubber Leg warmer, commonly shared with 055 and 190 tripods, dramatically increases the comfort and hand grip. The photographer will handle the monopod with safety and speed. The new recognized and successful design impart a premium and outstanding style.

  • High versatility for every use.
    The upper disc provides a smart solution that enables the photographer to directly attach the camera thanks to the 1/4-inch thread or accommodate a specific head using the 3/8-inch attachment without removing or adding any part to the monopod.

  • 100% Full Carbon Fibre tube
    The 100% carbon fibre tube makes the monopod even more lightweight, rigid and steady.


    Manfrotto XPRO Prime 4-Section Carbon Fiber Monopod
    Manfrotto Limited 2-Year Warranty
    Manfrotto Limited 8-Year Warranty Extension upon Online Product Registration
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