Item #: 101239

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ColorMunki Photo is the innovative new way to bring your photos from screen to print—with color perfection. Ideal for wedding, social, portrait photographers – or any passionate advocate – this color control solution delivers new technological features for display, projector and RGB/CMYK printer profiling.
It’s also loaded with new color creation and communication tools that allow you to grab colors from virtually anywhere, including your entire image library, preview your color palettes under different light sources and even preview for PrintSafe™ production under a variety of different printing methods. You’ll now be able to send your images to your clients with a new level of confidence that they are viewed in a calibrated environment with the DigitalPouch™ communication tool.
All this delivered in an all-in-one integrated solution with a streamlined interface, making the most of your digital workflow. ColorMunki is your new best friend.

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