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Manfrotto Spectra 500F LED Light

Manfrotto Spectra 500F is a lightweight and portable LED light, designed for the most demanding videographers and photographers. Despite being very compact, this LED device offers outstanding performance and it is very robust. Thanks to its slim and elegant design, Spectra 500F stands out from the crowd of existing standard LED panels. Light is emitted with wide beam angle (60°) and it has a constant colour temperature of 5000°K (daylight), with an illuminance of more than 550 LUX at a distance of 1m. Thanks to its excellent colour rendition (CRI>90), Spectra 500F allows a high fidelity color reproduction and the skin tone of subjects is always natural. The device can be powered by six AA alkaline, AA rechargeable or AA lithium batteries. Average lifetime is 1,5hrs in normal conditions of usage, at the highest output. The Manfrotto 500 F is provided with a battery gauge, which is ''green'' when battery level is high, ''amber'' when batteries are below 50% and ''red'' when batteries are close to failure.

The LED light can also be operated by mains, through an AC adaptor, which is optionally available. Light intensity can be precisley regulated through a dimmer, while avoiding color shifting and flickering A ball-head with hot-shoe attachment for orientation of the light is included in the packaging. Filters are provided in ¼ CTO warming, Full CTO warming and Opal diffusion. These filters may be used in combination with each other. Spectra 500F is extremely versatile: it can be uses either on-camera, via ball head, or in combination with Manfrotto’s numerous accessories (stands, booms, clamps, arms..), using the 1/4 inch threading on the bottom of the device.

Key Features:
  • Smooth dimming without flickering and color shift
  • Daylight balanced LEDs at 5000KLight Output: 550lux@1m with a beam angle of 60°
  • Powered by 6xAA alkaline or lithium batteries or via optional mains adapter
  • Best in class color rendition (CRI>90)

    Supplied Accessories:
    Spectra500F Battery-Powered LED Light
    Ball Head to Cold Shoe Adapter
    2 x Color Balancing Filters
    Diffusion Filter
    Manfrotto 2-Year Limited Warranty
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