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Peak Design Slide Camera Strap Red

The most versatile pro camera strap in the world. Anchor Link quick-connectors let you wear Slide as a sling, neck or shoulder strap. Seatbelt-style webbing with internal padding has smooth and grippy sides, letting it glide over any clothing or stay put exactly where you want it: back, hip or front.


3 STRAPS in 1
  • Sling Strap
    Connect Slide to Anchors on the strap lug and tripod socket and wear it as a quick-cinching sling strap that glides over your clothing.

  • Neck Strap
    The classic configuration. Attach Slide to both strap lugs and you've got a clean, classic-looking neck strap.

  • Shoulder Strap
    In a hurry? Flip the strap over and you've got a silicon grip that lets you quickly hang your camera over your shoulder.

  • Quick-connecting
    Attach and detach with one hand using our patent-pending Anchor Link™ connection system.

  • Quick-adjusting
    Quickly adjustable with 2 durable aluminum quick-adjust handles.

  • Grip or no grip
    Smooth on one side and grippy on the other, and instantly reversible depending on your preference.

  • Use with Capture®
    Works stand-alone or with any Capture® Camera Clip.

  • Ridiculously comfortable
    Internally-padded webbing is low-profile, yet comfortable even with the heaviest of pro cameras.

  • Super strong
    Strong enough to hold any pro camera/lenses/accessory combination.

  • Dyneema® Anchors
    Newly upgraded Dynemma-corded Anchors can each hold well over 90kg (200lbs.) and feature best-in-class abrasion resistance.

    What is in the box:
    Hex Key
    Standard Arca Plate
    4 Dyneema Anchors
    Microfiber Pouch