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Share your old family movies with the next generation by having them transfered onto a DVD.


Don't lose your precious memories by leaving your videos on old VHS tapes! Rockbrook Camera will transfer your home movies to a more reliable DVD, so you can experience family vacations, birthday parties and graduations with your loves ones for many years to come! Rockbrook Camera accepts a variety of video formats which we will then turn it into a playable DVD on your television or computer.



Standard Video Tapes to DVD Movie Format


DVD will play on DVD Player and on the computer via access to videoTS folder located on the DVD.

Transferable Video Tape Formats: 

  •  VHS
  • Beta
  • VHS-C
  • 8mm
  • HI-8
  • Mini-DV


Digital Camera Video Clips to DVD Movie Format


DVD will play on DVD Player and on the computer via access to videoTS folder located on the DVD.

Video Data Transfers From: Memory cards or direct transfers via camera cables from the camcorder HDD.

Transferable Video File Formats: 

  • MPG
  • AVI
  • MOV
  • WMV
  • MP$

High Definition: MTS & MOD Transfer is to standard definition only.




Standard Video Tapes to a Customer Editable Video File


This video file will not be viewable on a DVD player. It can be viewed only on a computer. Customer must own video editing software to edit the video.

Transferable Video Tape Formats:

  • VHS
  • Beta
  • VHS-C
  • 8mm
  • HI-8
  • Mini-DV

Transferred File Format For PC: AVI

Transferred File Format For MAC: MOV 



Custom Video Shows


You can be the director of your own Hollywood masterpiece. Our skilled video technicians will work closely with you to combine your video clips, still photos, and music to create individual movies perfect for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, or any occasion.

Your custom DVD includes a personalized opening menu, up to 5 video clips, still images, and up to 5 titles and 5 songs. Additional titles and songs may be added for a nominal charge. 


Here is a breakdown of our custom video shows:


• Combined still images, video clips, music and titles

- Video must be in digital form: MPEG or AVI Format
- Images must be in jpg format

- Personalized Start Menu With Chapters

- Up To 800 Still Images - Depending On Video Footage


• Video Clip Editing

- Trimming: Editing the clips start and end points
- Color Correction: Adjusting for fluorescent or incandescent light
- Exposure Compensation: Lightening or darkening a video clip
- Picture-in-Picture: Having a picture move into the one being displayed
- Chromakey: Green screen special effects
- Video Effects: A variety of effects that can be applied to all or parts of a clip


• Customer Supplied Music
- Customer must supply their own CD, or supply the song in MP3 format


• Custom Titles
- Personalized titles can be inserted at specific points in the time-line
- Personalized End Title


Movie Film (Reel to Reel) To DVD


Relive your glory days and get rid of those boxes of old movie reel to reel film, all while archiving that aging film that is slowly starting to disintegrate. We'll Transfer your old movie footage onto a DVD or USB drive so you can watch them on today's technology!. 



Contact us today about questions and pricing!