Core Editing Concepts To Boost Your Photo Editing Skills (Photography 103)

Core Editing Concepts To Boost Your Photo Editing Skills (Photography 103)

Locations: Omaha & Lincoln

Price: $99 or discounted with Learning Pathway Ticket


This is a hands-on course, and we'll deep dive into image editing that can be applied to almost EVERY editing program out there. 

Editing Example

 Topics Covered: 

  • Different editing programs and what they can do for you
  • Image editing with basic controls such as: exposure, shadows, highlights, whites and black levels. 
  • Working with Color.
  • Using the histogram to edit more intelligently. 
  • Simple dust removal
  • Local and global adjustments
  • Cropping
  • Adding Vignettes
  • Common ways to quickly improve photos.
  • Pitfalls to avoid.

Who Should Take This Class? 

This is for beginning photographers who are just starting out and would like to know how to take their photographs to the next level through image editing. 

It's also for experienced photographers who may have more experience in the film world, or who are getting back into photography and would like information about modern editing platforms and systems. 

Omaha Dates 

Lincoln Dates 

Required Materials

- Bring your own fully charged laptop with the editing software that you will be using already installed. Please reach out to the instructor at: if you have any questions about software for image editing.

*Attendees will be invited to the Rockbrook Camera EDU Facebook Group for continued education, conversation, and community exclusive to Rockbrook Camera EDU students and instructors. It's a safe place to share, learn and grow!



About the Photography Learning Pathway:

Rockbrook Camera’s Photography Learning Pathway will guide students through four essential aspects of photography to efficiently use their camera equipment while creating beautiful photographs.

Developed by a professional photographer and teacher, the Learning Pathway will help build confidence and creativity and teach students to look at the world through a lens in a new way.

What's Included:

4 In-Person Courses - A total of 8 1/2 hours of instruction

1. Photo Basics (Photography 101)
2. Composition Deep Dive & Photo Walk (Photography 102)
3. Core Editing Concepts To Boost Your Photo Editing Skills (Photography 103)
4. Manual Mode Mastery (Photography 104)

Online support from Instructors through Rockbrook Camera's EDU Facebook Page