4 Reasons To Have a 100-400mm Lens in Your Kit

4 Reasons To Have a 100-400mm Lens in Your Kit

Images and words by Jerred Zegelis

Every camera manufacturer has a 100-400 (or equivalent) lens for their system. I’ve heard some people say that these lenses seem to “specialized” because they can only zoom in, which is ideal for nature and wildlife photographers.

They’re right, the 100-400 lens is great for wildlife, but it’s also incredibly versatile for a walk-around lens that can get you some unique shots.


First, it can be used in a similar way as a macro lens.

Close-up of a flower and bee by Jerred Zegelis

The 400mm range of the zoom gives you the ability to get really close and tight with the subjects, giving you a unique close-up shot without intruding on your subject.

Secondly, the 100-400 focal range allows you to focus on tight compositions indoors.

Jellyfish by Jerred Zegelis

This shot at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo was taken in a dark room, but this 100-400 has incredible image stabilization, giving the photographer the ability to use slower shutter speeds, therefore increasing the versatility of the lens!

The third reason to use this lens is that it allows for compositions that are not possible with other lenses.

Ostrich by Jerred Zegelis

Getting this close to the shot without scaring your subject away is the classic reason photographers consider the 100-400.


Finally, the 100-400 is a fantastic compliment to other lenses when considering landscape photography.

Old building by Jerred Zegelis

It allows the photographer to zoom in and focus on details in the landscape, giving us unique perspectives of the land not possible with many other lenses.

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