Canon EOS R3 - First Thoughts

Canon EOS R3 - First Thoughts

Review and images by Jerred Zegelis

You know that feeling you get when you first step into a Lamborghini? It’s a machine finely tuned for speed, precision and power, and it feels utterly fantastic, doesn’t it?

Well, in all honesty I have no idea what stepping into a Lamborghini might feel like, but I would imagine it’s a little like using the new Canon R3.

First impressions matter, and this camera made me smile in a way that is only maybe rivaled by the first time I picked up and used a modern DSLR. It’s light - almost a pound lighter than the 1DX Mark III, and that makes a huge difference. This is a camera I could carry with me and barely feel the weight of.

Peter Barnes trying out the Canon EOS R3

And when you witness the power of the eye-control autofocus… I just can’t help but think you’ll be impressed. I was smiling like a child when I used it today, totally immersed in the viewfinder.  It was fast, and very accurate - I can imagine being a wedding photographer, for instance, and looking from the bride to the groom - each shot being in perfect focus only limited by the speed of my own eyesight. That’s truly game-changing.

And when you combine that speed with 30 frames per second of full-size RAW files? The R3 becomes what might be a once-in-a-generation camera.

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