Canon R Series Cameras - Which One is Right For You?

Canon R Series Cameras - Which One is Right For You?

Hey, I'm Aaron from Rockbrook Camera and we have Canon's Mirrorless Camera line-up today! From the budget friendly Canon EOS R100 to the bad boy Canon EOS R5. Let's dive in.

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Canon EOS R100

If you're looking to step up from your smartphone, the EOS R100 is a great place to be. Smarter than your phone, better image quality, and great for people who like to make prints. Learn more about the EOS R100 >


Canon EOS R7

If you're a sports and wildlife photographer, you may want to check out the Canon EOS R7. It's fully weather-sealed, has really fast continuous shooting, and auto-focus tracking for fast wildlife, athletes, and more. Learn More >


Canon EOS R50

Looking to start a Youtube channel or a vlog, the Canon EOS R50 may be for you! Lightweight, not real intimidating so it's a great place to start. The R50 has a flip-out screen so you can see yourself while you're recording. It also has the face and eye detect focus so you can keep yourself nice and sharp in the frame for a great looking video. Learn More >


Canon EOS R8

Canon's entry-level full frame mirrorless camera. It has 24MP full frame sensor, face and eye detection, autofocus and is lightweight. It's excellent for travel and a great step up for portrait photographers who want to create that dreamy blurry, bokeh background. Learn More >


Canon EOS R5

If you want a camera that can do everything and you're not worried about the budget, then take a look at the Canon EOS R5. 45mp full frame sensor with 8K video and 4K/120p video. This is a do it all camera. You can shoot everything from sporting events to weddings, high-end product photography to gorgeous landscapes!  Learn More >

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