Lenses Buying Guide

Lenses Buying Guide

Shopping for lenses can be pretty intimidating with all the different options. Prime lenses, zoom lenses, macro lenses... what does it all mean?

We've put together a quick guide to help demystify some of your options, so you know what you're looking for on your next shopping trip.

Prime Lenses

Prime Lenses have a fixed focal length that cannot be zoomed in or out. They are oftentimes lightweight, good in low light conditions, and tend to produce sharper images than zooms.

Common Focal Lengths: 35mm | 50mm | 85mm | 135mm
Uses: Weddings | Portraits | Street Photography

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Prime Lens Photo Examples - Portrait and Wedding

Zoom Lenses

Zoom Lenses allows the user to zoom in or out to various focal lengths while maintaining focus. These versatile lenses allow users to stay in one spot which is great for wildlife, sports, and wedding photography.

Common Focal Lengths: 55 - 200mm
Uses:  Weddings | Portraits | Wildlife | Sports

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Zoom lens photo examples - sports and wildlife

Telephoto Zoom Lenses

Telephoto Zoom Lenses are perfect for sports and wildlife photography due it their powerful zoom capabilities allowing you to get close to the action from very far away.

Common Focal Lengths: 100 - 600mm
Uses:  Sports | Wildlife | Astronomy

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Telephoto Zoom Lens photo examples - wildlife and sports


Wide Angle | Ultra-Wide Angle Lenses

Wide Angle and Ultra-Wide Angle Lenses give a wide field of view and good depth of field which makes them a favorite among landscape photographers.

Wide Angle Common Focal Lengths: 24-35mm
Ultra-Wide Angle Common Focal Lengths: 8-24mm
Uses:  Landscapes | Interiors | Cityscapes | Abstract | Panoramics

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Wide Angle Lens Photo Example - Landscape and Architecture

Macro Lenses

Macro Lenses are designed specifically to capture extreme close-ups of small subjects highlighting the subject’s fine details.

Common Focal Lengths: 50 - 200mm
Uses:  Macro Photography -  Nature | Animals | Jewelry | Abstract

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Macro Lens Photo Examples - Nature and Insects


Protective Lens Filters

There's so much more to a protective lens filter than its name: "protective." Whether you're using a protective filter strictly for protection or for UV glare--filters have many unrealized benefits. Keep reading to learn more about filters and how at least one should be in your kit!