Macro photography with the Canon RF 85mm F/2 Lens

Macro photography with the Canon RF 85mm F/2 Lens

Images and words by Jerred Zegelis

With spring here, it’s a perfect time to capture nature in a new and unique way, and the Canon RF 85mm f/2 Macro lens is a fantastic way to do this.

My time using the lens on the Canon EOS R5 helped me to create some amazing imagery.

Montage of flowers shot with Canon EOS R5 and RF 85mm Lens

First of all, the hybrid IS (image stabilization) is spectacular, allowing me to use slower shutter speeds than I may normally have used in some of the flower photographs below, shot without wind indoors. This technology allows me to use lower ISO settings, creating flower images with finer detail and color.

Pretty peach flower

White flower


The RF 85mm f/2 Macro has a minimum focus distance of 1.15 feet, allowing me to get extremely close to subjects without having the lens right next to the subject. For insect photographs, like the butterfly shots shown here, this means I can get incredibly detailed close-up images without disturbing the butterflys and having them running for cover!

Butterfly on a pink flower

Butterfly on a leaf

Beautiful butterfly

The focus was also accurate, responsive and definitely fast enough to lock focus on the area I needed to focus on. In difficult situations the manual focus is extremely sensitive and precise, allowing for fine adjustments in the field for macro work.

Dead macro brance

Branch dancing in golden light

Flower macro

Flower bud macro

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