Review: Panasonic Lumix G100

Review: Panasonic Lumix G100

Images and words by Jerred Zegelis

The Panasonic Lumix G100 is a camera for those who want big things out of their cameras in small packages. 

This is a complete camera kit that includes a lens for under $800, getting you into the micro 4/3rds system in a package that can go with you everywhere without the weight and size of other camera systems.


Panasonic Lumix G100 next to Iphone 13 pro

Which one is larger? The G100 with the 12-32mm kit lens is seriously tiny.


This is my iPhone 13 Pro next to the Lumix. It’s just wild how small this camera really is.

And yet, for its size, it takes “big” photos.

I recently took it for a spin down some Nebraska dirt roads and have to say that it was a fun camera to photograph with. I barely felt its presence in my hand, and I smiled quite a bit knowing I had a powerful interchangeable lens system in a body this tiny.

The following photos were taken in combination with the 12-32mm kit lens and the 25mm f/1.7 (also available to rent). With either of these lenses, the quality of the photographs shows through, and in Lightroom the files were a joy to work with.

 Rusty old truck by Jerred Zegelis

This is a straight out-of-camera jpeg from the G100’s 20-megapixel sensor. The camera is set on “natural” Photo Style, giving pleasing color that captures the rich contrast here.

Old truck on the side of the road by Jerred Zeglis

A photograph taken with the G100 and the Lumix G 25mm f/1.7. This combination is small and light, but gives the user a prime lens that fits the 50mm full-frame focal length.

Ford Truck Grill

Lenses are known for losing sharpness at their widest apertures, but the Lumix G 25mm and G100 at f/1.7 produces sharp results on the critical plan of focus.

Silo and barn by Jerred Zegelis

Long country road by Jerred Zegelis

The G100 is the “go anywhere” camera that fits in pockets, purses, and even the door panel of my car. I found this spot while going to another location, and the G100 can be with you at all times, ready to get great shots like this.

Country road by Jerred Zegelis

House window by Jerred Zegelis

The Panasonic G100 and 12-32mm kit lens opens up options for photographers. They can get wide, or zoom in close for a detail photograph.

Long winter grasses by Jerred Zegelis

The Panasonic G100 allows nature photographers to capture the full range of color and beauty found in the landscape. Here the Lumix G25mm f/1.7 allows for some wonderful background blur as well.

Silos at sunset by Jerred Zegelis

The light is getting lower here, but the G100 is still capable of capturing wonderful images. Here the 25mm f/1.7 opens up for lower-light possibility.


 Let's Talk Lenses and the Micro 4/3rds System

Micro 4/3rd lens compared to full frame lenses

The Panasonic Leica 100-400 (left) compared in size to other options of full frame lenses. The other two lenses only have 600mm maximum compared to the 800mm of reach in full-frame comparisons.

What’s so intriguing about this camera and the Micro 4/3rds system in general is the ability to grow with the system without the size and weight of others out there. The Panasonic Leica 100-400mm lens also accompanied on my little journey. The ability to zoom to 800mm (in full frame terms) is absolutely stunning in a package like this. I can’t imagine carrying a lens like this around with other systems, but this opens up opportunities for those wanting to capture far-off images of nature with ease.

Water tank and electrical pole

The Panasonic G100 can be paired with any Micro Four Thirds mount. This means you can combine the G100 with something like the Panasonic Leica 100-400mm lens. In full-frame terms, it means the photographer can shoot between 200-800mm in a seriously small package. 


far away tree

This tree was within an area of a natural reserve off-limits to people. The only way to get this shot was with the 800mm full-frame capability of the Panasonic Leica 100-400mm.


Red cardinal

The Leica 100-400mm lens has incredible reach and the autofocus was able to lock on quickly.

Bird in the tree 


The Panasonic G100 and Panasonic Leica 100-400 is a powerful combination. These two render sharp detail even at the extreme capabilities of the lens. This was shot at 400mm (800 full-frame equivalent) and f/6.3.

Panasonic Lumix G100 mirrorless camera

rural house and nature collage

Overall the G100 impressed me. Although it’s tiny beyond belief, it’s far more powerful than one might expect and gives them access to an entire system built to give photographers as much power as possible in a small package.

For someone like me who has some back issues, it’s a great proposition. For someone who loves photography, the images speak for themselves.


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