Video Transfer Service - Relive Your Childhood

Video Transfer Service - Relive Your Childhood

Relive the 80's & 90's again by digitizing your old home videos!

Long before the digital age was conceived, we captured our treasured memories on bulky, handheld video cameras. We salute all those camcorder parents who painstakingly recorded the soccer games, the school musical and countless hours of family fun!

And though you may remember the moments, chances are you haven’t relived them in many years. At this point, your children might even enjoy watching them more than you!

But did you know that those VHS tapes are deteriorating at a rapid rate and that you risk losing them forever if they stay trapped in boxes and basements? VHS tapes have magnetic particles that over time lose their charge resulting in degraded video and audio. In addition to that, bad storage habits and overplaying will also degrade the video.

So, lets dust off all those relics stuffed in a box and bring them back to life – no VCR required. Bring in your tapes and/or movie reels to our Rockbrook Camera locations in Omaha or Lincoln and we’ll transfer them to DVD or USB for reliable, compact storage and easy viewing on today’s technology. Make as many copies as you’d like, and distribute them freely to share those memories of triumph, humor and happiness caught on camera.

We can also transfer video from Beta, 8mm film, HI-8, and Mini-DV!

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