Spring Is The Time for Macro Photography!

Spring Is The Time for Macro Photography!

Images and Words by Jerred Zegelis

As a photographer in the Midwest, Spring has special meaning. It's the time when the world starts to buzz with possibility and the land's color and life reveal themselves in new ways.

It's one of my favorite times of the year because I know I'll be able to get outside with my macro lens, throw on a hat to shield me from the sun, and find endless options for photography even in my own back yard.

My not-so-secret lens of choice is the Fujifilm 80mm Macro. When I put this on my Fujifilm mirrorless camera, I am thrilled at the way small things become bigger than life.

The photograph above is one of my favorites of last Spring, taken by putting my camera right on the ground, looking up at this scene.

Water drops on a blade of grass by Jerred Zegelis

Little details become defining aspects of the photo, such as these water drops I found at Heron Haven.

And never forget the possibility that exists in your own back yard. These photos are ones I took last year on family walks and bike rides through my community.

Macro image of a wasp on a flower by Jerred Zegelis

Macro image of spring flower by Jerred Zegelis

Macro image of a snail on a pumpkin by Jerred Zegelis

And of course, visiting any garden is time well spent, full of limitless macro photo options.

Macro photograph of a butterfly by Jerred Zegelis

Macro image of a lilly by Jerred Zegelis

Macro image of yellow flower by Jerred Zegelis

And if you don't have a macro lens? Take some time to test out your camera's close-focus ability. Get in closer than ever before, you might be surprised at what your current camera/lens combination is capable of!

If you want to know more about the magic of Macro photography, consider signing up for my course on the Rockbrook Camera EDU calendar! During this course we'll discuss how amazing macro photography can be for our photographic lives, as well as some of the technical aspects of macro to get you started.


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