The Sony A7C : The Perfect Gift for the Travel Photographer in your Family (Even if that's you!)

The Sony A7C : The Perfect Gift for the Travel Photographer in your Family (Even if that's you!)

Photos and words by Jerred Zegelis

The Sony A7C is a camera that, if you had put it in my hands without telling me anything about it, I would never have thought it was a full frame camera.

It’s small. As in: really small. The diminutive size, however, hides the fact that the camera does some stunning things that are honestly unheard of in a camera this size. For anyone thinking they need a camera for traveling in 2022, this might be your first choice!

Why? Here are three reasons:

First, this camera is small but capable of world-class results. The camera here fits perfectly in my wife's purse. (iPhone 13 Pro there for size comparison!). It's seriously, magically tiny. How did they fit a full frame sensor inside?

And powering this machine is a 24-megapixel full frame sensor. It's the same one that powers Sony's legendary Sony A7III and provides all the benefits that one might want from a full frame camera's sensor in a much smaller size.

When I went on a recent family camping trip, this is the camera I chose because it was so small in my backpack (and also the amazing battery life, but more on that later).

Secondly, the autofocus on this camera is truly amazing and is actually updated from the A7C to be more responsive. These images were shot in fairly robust wind, and the camera had no problem tracking the subject and accurately locking focus to give me clear and focused images.

The following image of the butterfly was also quick to focus, locking in on a subject that moves so quickly that accurate and fast autofocus is a must!

The autofocus on the Sony A7III was great, but this one is improved and it's extremely easy to get great results from.

Third, the battery life is stellar for a camera of this size. There are other small cameras out there, but this one uses a battery that lasts far longer than any other small cameras I've used (it uses the same NP-FZ100 batteries as the A7III). I was able to get more than 700 photos on one battery, which is truly impressive for ANY camera, let alone a small one like this.

Take this on vacation and be prepared for all-day capability, and the fact that it charges quickly using USB-C with a powerbank makes it all that more portable!

Check out some more images taken recently in Omaha, Nebraska with the Sony A7III:


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