Tips for the best Father's Day photos ever!

Tips for the best Father's Day photos ever!

By Kim Bultsma

Father's Day is coming up--he deserves to have a photo shoot all to himself! We thought we'd gather some of our favorite ideas and tips on taking the best Father's Day photos ever and share them with you!

1. First, let me take a selfie.

Hey--it's his day, so why not let him be in charge? Hand Dad the camera and ask him to take his best shot...selfie style! Get the whole family in for silly faces, too.

2. Ask Dad to read the kids his favorite children's book.

That's right--have Dad sit with the kids and read them his favorite children's book. Get at the same level and shoot to bring the moment to life in your final shot, or shoot from above for a bird's eye view!

3. Have a pillow fight.

Just be careful not to hit the camera-mom! :)

4. Make a meal together.

Make something like pizza that lets the entire family make their own! Shoot from behind--perhaps a child is standing on a step stool peering up at Dad! Catch the intimate moments of doing things together.

5. Play soccer.

Soccer, baseball, kickball--show Dad being a kid with the kids!

6. Go for a walk.

Like our main image for this blog post, take Dad out for a walk at a park, local arboretum, zoo...and start shooting! Watch for holding hands, riding on his shoulders--all the moments of Dad being, well, Dad.