Why Use a Monopod?

Why Use a Monopod?

By Kelly Lee

You hear it all the time; tripods are an essential piece of equipment that belongs in every photographer's kit, However, what about a monopod?

Tripods are the go-to accessory for all photographers. However, there are situations where a tripod may not be ideal. In high action circumstances, the monopod's versatility shines.

Here are the top four reasons to use a monopod:

#1  When using a long telephoto lens to photograph wildlife or sports action from the bleachers, monopods help take the stress off your camera. Your back and arms will also thank you.

#2  In high action situations, monopods allow you to move easier with the subject while still giving the support needed. With a monopod, a photographer can easily sling their entire camera kit over a shoulder to follow their subject easily and then quickly set-up for the next shot. Perfect for sports photographers or individuals taking wildlife images.

#3  Monopods are compact, making it easier to photograph in tight spaces where tripods would be very cumbersome. Just think about trying to capture images at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo on the weekend.

Due to the small size, monopods can easily be folded to fit into luggage which is ideal for travel.

#4  For videographers, monopods offer a steady base to get creative angles that may not be attainable with a tripod. The compact design and versatility can produce different effects such as static shots, sliding and panning, and aerial shots.

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