Photographing Fireworks


Photographing Fireworks

Capturing the true beauty of fireworks with vivid colors and a dark sky can be tricky for some. So here are some tips to get you started capturing better fireworks images from photographer, Mike Flowers from Rockbrook Camera.

Two New Nikon Z Lenses Just Announced

Nikon Z 180-600mm F/5.6-6.3 VR Lens Lightweight super-telephoto zoom with versatility and reach. This highly anticipated super-telephoto zoom makes the furthest shots possible while shooting handheld, giving you flexibility to capture closer subjects when there's no time to change lenses.  Capture thrilling photos and videos of wildlife, sports, aircraft and...

Meet the New Canon EOS R100

If you’re looking to capture stunning content and enter the world of interchangeable lens cameras, you owe it to yourself to check out the Canon EOS R100 — the most affordable EOS R mirrorless camera to date!*

Travel Tips for Your Next Photo Adventure

There has never been a better time to travel with a camera. Modern sensors are absolutely amazing in a variety of lighting conditions and will get you fantastic photos. However, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your next travel photo adventure!