Lens Calibration


FoCal Lens Calibration and Micro Adjustment

Turn your good lenses into great lenses and get the absolute best from your camera's autofocus system. FoCal helps calibrate the autofocus micro adjustment value of your camera and lens combination so that your images look sharp.

Certain modern Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras have a setting – provided by the camera manufacturers – which allows you to adjust how the camera and lens work together to get the best performance. The manufacturers give you this setting in an admission that manufacturing tolerances and day-to-day usage of a camera can affect the performance of the autofocus.

Let our experts help you get maximum performance out of your Prime or Zoom lens.

Note: Calibration consists of one lens to one body.

Price: $60.00


Testimonial: "Huge thanks to Rockbrook Camera today. They were able to calibrate my Nikon 58mm and get it absolutely dialed in!"

- Dave on Instagram