Composition Deep Dive and Photo Walk Omaha (Photography 102)

Let's learn composition by taking photographs together! This 2-hour class is focused on a hands-on experience to enhance your learning. Composition is one of the most important aspects of photography.


$99.00 per person



About this experience

Learning composition will allow you to take better photographs with ANY camera and lens. Better composition will also help you enjoy photography more and allow you to take the photos that make your friends say: "WOW, how did you take that shot?" 

In the Composition Deep Dive class we will: 

  • Look at some historical photographs, why they work, and how to "look" at photographs with a more critical eye.

  • Study many compositional elements with comprehensive examples that clearly illustrate the methods at hand. 

  • You will receive a PDF file of all the compositional elements discussed in class so you can always refer back to them. 

  • Discuss and projects for you to engage with that will allow you to practice and improve.  

In the second part of the Composition Deep Dive class we will: 

  • Walk around the camera store and shopping center as a group to practice what we learned in the first part. 

  • Discuss composition in the field with the instructor giving you suggestions and pointing out examples of compositional elements in the field.

After the class, you are invited to send in some photos to the instructor to receive some feedback for your photos!

Who Should Take This Class? 

This is for beginning to intermediate photographers who want to take better images! This is a FANTASTIC companion to the Photo Basics 101 class and will build on that class to help you engage more deeply with photography. 

Required Materials

  • Bring your fully charged camera, lenses and memory card ready to take some photographs! 


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About the Photography Learning Pathway:

Rockbrook Camera’s Photography Learning Pathway will guide students through four essential aspects of photography to efficiently use their camera equipment while creating beautiful photographs.

Developed by a professional photographer and teacher, the Learning Pathway will help build confidence and creativity and teach students to look at the world through a lens in a new way.

4 In-Person Courses - A total of 8 1/2 hours of instruction

1. Photo Basics (Photography 101)

2. Composition Deep Dive & Photo Walk (Photography 102)

3. Core Editing Concepts To Boost Your Photo Editing Skills (Photography 103)

4. Manual Mode Mastery (Photography 104)