Fujifilm GFX 100S II Body

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Fujifilm GFX 100S II Body

102-megapixel large format sensor for outstanding image quality High-speed performance and powerful image stabilization for complete control All wrapped up in the lightest GFX System camera to date offering an immersive large format photography experience Fujifilm GFX100s II does not simply make images it creates vivid memories of your favorite places in breathtaking detail.

The newly-developed large format sensor and latest imaging engine boost image quality and speed compared to the original GFX100S. Add powerful image stabilization into the camera’s compact body and it makes GFX100S II the ultimate photographic tool.

Key Features

  • Tell Your Story in Vivid Detail
    Offering more than full frame, the large format GFX 102MP CMOS II sensor measures 55mm diagonally and records subjects in 102-megapixel detail for stunning depth, texture, and tonality. This is coupled with the high-performance X-Processor 5 imaging engine, which rapidly processes and optimizes vast amounts of data from the sensor. Combined, they create an intuitive image-making experience even for those using a large format camera for the first time.
  • ISO 80 Standard Sensitivity
    By improving the pixel structure on the new sensor, standard sensitivity has been extended to ISO 80. Now, photographers can make 16-bit images with wider dynamic range and lower noise than ever before.
  • Improved Quality in Every Corner
    Redesigned microlenses improve light coverage at the corners of the sensor, delivering better image quality and improved AF accuracy at the periphery of the lens.
  • Film Simulation Modes
    For the past 90 years, Fujifilm has worked tirelessly on color research. This vast expertise is harnessed in its unique Film Simulation modes. GFX100S II features 20 such modes, including the latest REALA ACE, providing a wide variety of creative looks.
  • Pixel Shift Multi-Shot
    GFX100S II is equipped with Pixel Shift Multi-Shot, which uses the in-body image stabilization system to precisely shift the sensor by 0.5 pixels for each shot while recording 16 consecutive RAW images. The images are then processed using the dedicated Pixel Shift Combiner software to generate a single 400-megapixel image.

    Additionally, Real Color mode records four RAW files with a one-pixel shift between each frame. With this function, it is possible to create 102-megapixel images with suppressed false colors, using only a quarter of the time and data of the previous GFX100S model.
  • Updated AF Algorithm
    Thanks to an improved predictive AF algorithm, GFX100S II delivers enhanced subject tracking and improved AF accuracy in low-contrast environments, compared to its predecessor, the GFX100S. This means it can accurately track a wide range of subjects, including dynamic portraits, sports, and wildlife.
  • Subject Detection AF
    GFX100S II’s AF algorithm boosts face and eye detection, leaving photographers the freedom to concentrate on composition and timing. GFX100S II is also equipped with subject detection AF based on deep-learning AI technology. It can detect and focus on various subjects including animals, birds, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, airplanes, trains, insects*, and drones* using artificial intelligence.

    * Set SUBJECT DETECTION SETTING to BIRD to detect insects and AIRPLANE to detect drones.
  • 7fps High-Speed Burst
    Thanks to the newly developed GFX 102MP CMOS II sensor and improved readout speed enabled by the new shutter unit, GFX100S II achieves a continuous burst speed of up to 7.0 frames-per-second*.

    *When mechanical shutter is selected
  • High-Magnification and High-Resolution EVF
    Featuring a resolution of 5.76 million dots and a magnification of 0.84x, the electronic viewfinder on GFX100S II offers high visibility.
  • Zone Custom Setting
    Setting the AF mode to Zone allows customization of the focus area according to the subject’s shape and movement.
  • Ultimate Freedom
    GFX100S II features the highest level of 5-axis image stabilization with a benefit of up to 8.0 stops* for virtually limitless large format creativity, delivering exceptional image quality even in challenging low-light scenarios. Yet despite all the performance upgrades from the GFX100S, the weight of GFX100S II has been reduced compared to its predecessor. At 883g (1.95lbs)**, it is the lightest 102-megapixel body in Fujifilm’s GFX System.

    * Compliant with CIPA in pitch / yaw directions when mounted with the FUJINON GF63mmF2.8 R WR lens. ** With battery and memory card installed.
  • Our Most Powerful IBIS Up to 8.0 Stops of In-Body Image Stabilization
    To maximize the benefits of the 102-megapixel large format sensor, GFX100S II is equipped with the most powerful in-body image stabilization (IBIS) yet in a GFX System camera – the 5-axis system delivers an impressive benefit of up to 8.0 stops. This is made possible by a meticulously designed IBIS unit with precise gyroscopic and accelerometer sensors designed to correct even the slightest movements. As a result, handheld image making is more agile and effortless.
  • The Lightest GFX System Camera Yet
    At 883g (1.95lbs), the body weight has been reduced compared to GFX100S, despite numerous feature upgrades such as the powerful in-body image stabilization system. Whether you want to photograph landscapes, portraits or travel images, it has never been easier to carry a 102-megapixel sensor for ultimate image quality.
  • New Leather Pattern BISHAMON-TEX™
    The body of GFX100S II is coated in BISHAMON-TEX™, which is also used on the flagship GFX100 II. The three-arrow pattern, inspired by traditional Japanese design, not only enhances the look of the camera, but also serves to ensure a steady hold.
  • Comfortable, Steady Grip
    The ergonomic grip is coated with BISHAMON-TEX™ to ensure a comfortable fit and assured hold. Combined with the camera’s best-in-class image stabilization, it provides reassuring support for handheld image making.
  • Mode Dial
    GFX100S II uses a familiar mode dial to access exposure options quickly. In addition to PASM settings, the dial includes six custom positions where bespoke settings can be stored, then quickly and easily accessed for different subjects and creative scenarios.
  • Sub LCD Monitor
    GFX100S II features a high-visibility 1.8-inch monochrome sub LCD monitor displaying essential information including shutter speed, aperture, ISO sensitivity, and exposure compensation. It also shows the remaining number of still images and recording time for video. The monitor can be customized to personal preferences.
  • Weather Resistant
    Thanks to a camera body that is sealed in 60 different places, GFX100S II can easily shrug off challenging weather and environments*, for creativity without compromise. The body shell is also made from magnesium alloy, which is both rigid and robust.

    *when used with a weather-resistant GF lens
  • More Colors on Display
    GFX100S II is perfect for video as well as stills. Thanks to the improved pixel structure on the newly developed GFX 102MP CMOS II sensor, ISO 100 is now standard sensitivity, plus the camera offers wider dynamic range and lower noise compared to previous GFX System models. Autofocus and handling are also improved compared to the GFX100S. Just as with stills, movies will show stunning depth, tone, and detail.

What's Included

Fujifilm GFX 100S II Body
Fujifilm NP-W235 Battery
AC Power Adapter
AC-5VJ Plug Adapter
USB Cable
Shoulder Strap
Body Cap
Hot Shoe Cover
Cable Protector
Fujifilm USA 1 Year Limited Warranty