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Fujifilm GFX 50S II Body

Photography is a practice of pursuing perfection, a continual balance between searching for quality and having total control that allows for the perfect image to exist between the moments that are seen and unseen. Hold space for those moments with GFX50S II and explore a new world of creative possibilities.

Key Features


    Fujifilm G Large Format Sensor
    GFX50S II’s 51.4MP large format image sensor is engineered to deliver the highest possible image quality and uses every part of its design to consistently deliver incredible results. It is 1.7x bigger than a full-frame sensor, measures a staggering 43.8×32.9mm, and uses specially engineered microlenses to keenly control light rays, delivering them to each pixel, resulting in outstanding separation between each colors and pixels. Additionally, a special manufacturing process – specifically designed for GFX – allows more information to be recorded, which surpresses noise and expands dynamic range. Lastly, since software processing is not used to contour enhance images, RAW files generated from GFX50S II have minimal image degradation, even after substantial post-production adjustments.

    X-Processor 4 Image Processor
    X-Processor 4 is the perfect engine to reliably deliver stunning, high-quality images, all while applying decades of experience in color processing to every image. Regardless if it’s applying a Film Simulation or faithfully reproducing the colors from an expansive landscape, it will consistently deliver a unique view of any scene and always produce images that honor your creative process.

    G Mount Lenses
    Engineered to keep pace with 100MP+ imaging sensors, G Mount lenses are optimized to provide a lifetime of service. With a short flange focal distance, which helps keep GFX System cameras compact, G Mount lenses are designed to prevent peripheral light fall-off. Combined with the large CMOS imaging sensor, this approach delivers stunning edge-to-edge sharpness.

    Unparalleled Image Quality
    The unbeatable combination of GFX50S II’s 51.4MP large format sensor and a high quality G Mount lens delivers the ultra-high resolution you would expect from any GFX System camera because light is precisely focused on each pixel through the sensor’s microlenses. At a pixel pitch of 5.3μm, each of GFX50S II’s pixels is roughly 1.7x larger than those found on comparable 50MP full-frame sensors. This gives GFX50S II an incredible 14 stops of dynamic range because its sensor can gather vastly more light, which results in more information being recorded at each pixels. Portraits made on large format sensors naturally lead to images with unparalleled compression and separation. This is why there is simply no comparison to making images with a GFX System camera and GF80mmF1.7 R WR or GF110mmF2 R LM WR. With either lens, subjects are separated from backgrounds with a three-dimensional quality, while colors beautifully transition from one shade to another.
  • SIZE

    The New Standard for Large Format
    The GFX System sets new standards in portability and operation for a large format camera. GFX50S II’s high-resolution 51.4MP sensor is housed in a body weighing just 900g (1.98lb) and measuring a remarkably compact 150x104x87mm (5.90×4.09×3.42in). It also features a redesigned shutter unit, five-axis in-body image stabilization system, and fits comfortably in-hand thanks to its contoured grip. It offers an image-making experience similar to full-frame cameras, but produces far superior images.

    Powerful In-Body Image Stabilization
    GFX50S II features a redesigned in-body image stabilization (IBIS) system that is 20% smaller, and 10% lighter, than the version found in GFX100. Despite this reduction in size and weight, it provides up to 6.5 stops of five-axis stabilization*, dramatically broadening the possibilities for image makers to create when working in challenging lighting conditions.

    Body Construction
    Incredibly light, yet impressively durable, GFX50S II is made from magnesium alloy and designed to meet the demands of day-to-day use. The body is 1mm thicker around the lens mount to provide additional rigidity and support; perfect when using larger G Mount prime and zoom lenses. With a body sealed in 60 different places, GFX50S II shrugs off the most challenging weather and environments. It can operate in temperatures as low as -10°C (14°F) and is dust- and moisture-resistant, too.

    Simple Operation, Great Results
    GFX50S II makes large format photography easier and more intuitive for both new and existing GFX System users. Featuring a PSAM dial to access its main exposure functions, handling is convenient thanks to a top-plate LCD that displays key function settings – even when the camera is switched off. A redesigned Focus Lever and feather-touch shutter release provide finishing touches to the image-making experience.

    Detailed-Packed EVF
    GFX50S II has a 3.69 million dot EVF, offering 100% coverage. The finder uses specially designed lens elements for a high-definition live view experience – and includes a diopter to provide a more comfortable viewing experience.

    Programmable Sub LCD
    Instantly check the status of key camera functions with GFX50S II’s top-plate LCD monitor. The 1.8in black & white monitor is crystal clear, displaying essential information – including shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and remaining frames. The display is also fully programmable, so you can choose what information you have on show at all times.

    3-Way Tilt LCD Screen
    Some of the greatest images are made when a camera is positioned at a dramatic or unusual angle. GFX50S II encourages you to explore different viewpoints, with its rear 3.2in, 2.36 million dot LCD panel offering 100% coverage and three tilting directions: 90° upward, 45° downward, and 60° to the right. Use this flexibility with touchscreen control, adding creativity to your compositions.


    Image Format, Size, and Aspect
    Making great images requires flexibility, so GFX50S II offers a wide selection of image formats and qualities. These include uncompressed and lossless compressed RAW and JPEG formats of varying sizes, aspect ratios, and compression ratios. In-camera RAW processing provides the option of saving 8-bit or 10-bit color depth images as 8-bit or 16-bit TIFF files. It even has the ability to record a cropped 36x24mm image when using a 35mm format lens with compatible mount adapter.

    Film Simulation
    As a manufacturer of cameras and photographic films for many decades, Fujifilm developed Film Simulation modes to digitally replicate the look of classic film stocks. GFX50S II allows users to reproduce these colors and tones, adding an artistic flair and exceptional quality to images.

    Image Effects
    Smooth Skin Effect; ideal for portraiture, this function smoothes skin texture for a more flattering complexion. It can be used on Strong or Weak settings. Color Chrome Effect; Add depth, detail, and vibrancy to red, green, or yellow tones in your image, where saturation is too high to achieve true gradation; or use Color Chrome FX Blue to adjust values in just the blue tones. Adjust them separately in three levels to perfectly match your subject.

    White Balance
    Fine adjustments can be made, including setting the Auto White Balance (AWB) to one of three modes: Auto, White Priority, and Ambience Priority. When the camera is set to White Priority under incandescent lighting, white is more likely to be reproduced as white. But when Ambience Priority is set, scenes will be photographed with an overall warmer white balance, preserving the lighting characteristics of the scene.

    Lets you decide whether to depict a scene with crisp sharpness or give a softer feel. With 11 levels of control, it’s easy to fine-tune to your own personal taste and style.

    High Precision Autofocus
    GFX50S II harnesses cutting-edge technologies to offer fast, reliable autofocus. The camera can double its readout speed when prioritizing focus, plus the in-body image stabilization (IBIS) unit counters camera shake to improve focus hit rate. Performance is further enhanced, thanks to a focus algorithm used in the GFX100S and latest X Series models. This boosts AF in all situations, including face and eye detection modes.

    Face/Eye Detection AF
    Create pin-sharp portraits, even with wide apertures, thanks to GFX50S II’s advanced face and eye detection autofocus algorithm. For ultimate precision, use Eye Detection AF and prioritize which eye to focus on – or Face Detection AF in combination with GFX50S II’s touchscreen or Focus Lever to select, track, and perfectly expose one face in a crowd of people.

    Autofocus Down to -3.5EV
    Autofocus is driven even in low-light conditions (-3.5 EV*) to support shooting. Autofocus can also be used when shooting indoors or outdoors as the sun begins to set, allowing you to capture the subject more accurately and quickly.

    When combined with GF80mmF1.7 R WR

    Manual Focus
    The camera is equipped with various functions to assist in maximizing the resolving power of its 51.4 megapixels even with manual focus. The focus can be magnified up to 17 times during shooting, and manual assist functions can be selected from the menu according to preference.

    Pixel Shift Multi-Shot Function
    When nothing but the best will do, GFX50S II rises to the challenge. Its Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function combines 16 RAW files to create a single 200MP image, reproducing the finest details with ultimate color accuracy. Multi-Shot photos are created by moving the imaging sensor to record red, green, and blue data from every pixel. This results in unparalleled color reproduction with minimal false color – perfect for archiving works of art, preserving cultural assets, or for any application that requires perfect color fidelity and sumptuous detail.

    Six Types of Bracketing
    On GFX50S II, six types of bracketing mode are available to capture multiple frames at different settings, with a single press of the shutter release. This function works with both JPEG and RAW formats, and includes Auto Exposure Bracketing, Focus Bracketing, Film Simulation Bracketing and more.

    Interval Timer Shooting
    Sample unique shooting styles – including fixed-point photography, time lapse and self-timer images – with control over shooting interval, total number of frames, and shutter delay. Set an interval between 1 sec and 24 hours for shooting one to infinity frames, or as much as card capacity allows.

    Multi Exposure Mode
    GFX50S II can merge up to nine frames in Additive, Average, Comparative Bright, or Comparative Dark modes – combining images taken from multiple viewpoints, or at different times, into a single image. Apply different Film Simulations to each of the frames – and paste color fragments on to monochrome pictures to create a multi-layered collage.

    Self Timer
    The Self Timer function can be set at 2 secs or 10 secs. It helps to ensure critical sharpness, useful when recording landscapes, architecture and long exposures.

    Full HD Video
    Videographers can take full advantage of Fujifilm’s renowned color science, too. GFX 50S II supports Full HD video recording (1920×1080, 29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p, 50 Mbps) and offers 19 different Film Simulations to add your own distinctive look to footage. This includes ETERNA – the motion picture film stock used in many movie masterpieces.

    Wireless Connectivity
    Install the free FUJIFILM Camera Remote app on a smartphone or tablet to carry out a location data search, remotely control the camera, and transfer or view in-camera images, all without having to enter a password. This functionality is also useful when shooting landscapes with the camera mounted on a tripod.

    External Connectivity
    GFX50S II has a USB-C port for high-speed image transfer, a micro-HDMI port to connect to an external monitor, and remote shutter release connection. Plus, there’s a microphone input and headphone jack for video recording and playback. The camera can also be powered and charged via the USB-C port.

    Compatible Software
    Boost efficiency by using compatible tethering, RAW processing, and image previewing software with GFX50S II. Tethering is possible, via a USB cable or wireless connection.

    Capture One for Fujifilm
    Capture One for Fujifilm has been designed specifically to work with GFX50S II and other GFX system and X Series cameras*. Catalog your images to create a faster, more efficient workflow, and use precise controls to bring out the best from the stunning large format sensor.

    Fujifilm X Acquire
    This software is to install the Fujifilm X Acquire to your PC. With the Fujifilm X Acquire, you can send and save images directly to your PC via a USB cable when you take them with a camera connected to your PC.

    Tether Shooting Plug-in Pro
    In addition to the features of “Tether Shooting Plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom®” (standard version), “Tether Shooting Plug-in PRO for Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom®” has Control Panel which can check captured images and to control the camera. The Control Panel PREVIEW window allows users to check transferred images in quicker than before. The Control Panel also allows users to check shooting angles with LIVE VIEW, to set shooting conditions from computer, to operate interval/bracketing shootings and to backup/restore all the camera settings.

    Fujifilm X RAW Studio
    Harness the power of the X-Processor 4 in GFX50S II, to remove the strain from your computer and optimize image output. Connect the camera via a USB cable, then use X RAW STUDIO to batch process RAW files while applying Film Simulations, along with color and tonal enhancements.

    Capture One Express for Fujifilm
    Available free, Capture One Express for FUJIFILM offers RAW file support for GFX50S II and other GFX System and X Series cameras*. Catalog images, apply Film Simulations, and get your images ready to share – thanks to a selection of controls that bring the best out of your work.

    Pixel Shift Combiner
    For the ultimate in image quality, Pixel Shift Combiner takes 16 RAW images, made using GFX50S II’s Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function, to create a single 200MP DNG RAW file. The software also offers tethered image making, automatically combining images ready for editing in Capture One or other compatible software.

What's Included

Fujifilm GFX 50S II Body
Fujifilm NP-W235 Battery
Fujifilm BCP-002 Body Cap
AC-5VJ AC Power Adapter
Plug Adapter
USB Cable
Shoulder Strap
Hot Shoe Cover
Fujifilm USA 1 Year Limited Warranty