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Godox LR120 LED Ringlight

LR120 is a 12"/18" LED Ring Light that features adjustable color temperature, high color accuracy, and user-friendly controls, allowing you to create a soft, nearly shadowless beauty illumination and attractive eye light effects with ease. It is ideal for vlogs, YouTube videos, live streaming, studio shoot, selfies, makeup, portrait photography, etc. With it, you will get the exact look you're looking for.
  • One Light, Multi-applications
    It renders even, soft illumination and creates a perfectly circular catchlight in the subject’s eyes, which makes the portrait more attractive and realistic. Meeting your every need under different occasions, this light is the best partner for your still shots and Live videos.
  • Get Whatever Lighting Effect You Want
    Built-in Bi-color LEDs from 3000K to 6000K and dimmable brightness ranges (LR150 from 1-100% & LR120 from 10.0-100%) and excellent CRI>90. You can adjust it flexibly and easily to choose whatever lighting effect you want
  • Easy, Simple, Flexible
    Popular for its user-friendly controls and simplicity, this ring light is a breeze to use.
  • LR120
    USB Cable Powered & Control light on the controller.

Godox LR120 12" Bi-Color LED Ring Light
Flexible Phone Holder
1 Year Limited Warranty