Godox ML30Bi Bi-Color LED Light

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Godox ML30Bi Bi-Color LED

A bit of light can make all the difference in your shot. Taking with a light that can nearly go everywhere, you are free to create fascinating works at all times.

ML30 and ML30Bi are the smallest COB lights in Godox lighting range, just like a portable flashlight on call at any minutes! Wherever you are, you can instantly use them to back up the lighting, power your work with minimal space taking. What surprises most is the completeness and versatility that comes with accessories system, including Diffusion Dome, Soft Tent, Softbox, offering various light effects to inspire more. Explore lots of fun in your filming journey with ML30 and ML30Bi!

Key Features

  • Go-anywhere Light
    Bring the palm-sized ML30 or ML30Bi to anywhere your thoughts take you, as if with a cup of sunlight for eternal sunshine.

    Battery powered option with handheld grip makes them handy gears for run and gun shoot. Dynamic footages such as filming a moving subject become easy with such flexible light.
  • An Innovative Light System
    Want to try something different? Be inspired by an innovative system of light accessories! They are designed with distinctive features to elevate your lighting experience in all rounds for light softness, variable light effects, setup time and even portability.
  • Pleasant Softness
    Wrap your light into the tent or dome and you will get pleasant softness for beauty look.
  • More Possibilities than You Expect
    Collapsible design opens several ways to shape light. Use diffusion dome in fully extension for 360-degree lighting, or collapses the back to diffuse at 180 degrees, and when collapsing the front, you can change the light quality for more dimensionality. By soft tent you get even panel light with changeable softness, at cost of just one modifier. Take advantage of variable light effects for all your needs!
  • Load Free
    Soft material as a new choice makes them lightweight and flexible in shape, easily to be squeezed as small as possible for storage or transportation.
  • A Studio of Your Own
    Want to have a studio of your own but no idea where to start? ML30 and ML30Bi offer an efficient lighting solution with minimal work load to all creators. Start right now the simplest way. Even for a small table in a limited room, with ML30/ML30Bi you can turn it into a big show. Nearly as the size of a mug cup they take up little space, perfect for lighting up a small studio.
  • Reliable Color Rendering
    Scoring over 96 on CRI and 97 on TLCI, ML30 series reproduce accurate colors and thus illuminate your scene a naturally way.
  • Additional Features
    Lighting FX, Wireless Control, Power Anywhere, Silent Motion for Zero Noise
  • Recommended For
    Videographers who shoot run and gun, content creators who work without assistants, producers who work on fast-paced projects, indie filmmakers who need mobile fill light, and any locations you favor.

What's Included

Godox ML30Bi Bi-Color LED Light
Protection Cover
Battery Case
AC Cable
2 x DC Power Cables
1 Year Limited Warranty