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Godox SLB60W LED Kit

Godox SLB60W Series Video Light offers high light brightness and color rendering index with powerful LED beads. It creates a stable light source and even illumination for video recording, photojournalistic uses, and wedding shooting, etc.

This LED uses a lithium battery, making it portable, and can remain lit for morthan 60 minutes on battery charge alone (can be used with AD600 series lithium battery) while at full power.
  • 60W LED bulbs guarantee high light brightness.

  • The color rendering index (CRI) is over 93, presenting the objects authentically.

  • Wirlessly adjust light brightness via a 433MHz grouping system (6 groups & 16 channels).

  • Large-sized LCD panel, with auto-saved settings.

  • Temperature control function fan to prevent overheating.

  • Specialized protective cover to protect the LED beads.

  • Compact sized, light weight, and portable.

  • A built-oin premium heatsink and built-in fan to offer excellent heat dissipation.

Godox SLB60W LED Video Light
Lamp Cover
Power Cord
WB47 Battery
Battery Charger
1 Year Limited Warranty