Promaster Wireless Bluetooth Remote - Canon BRE1

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Promaster Wireless Bluetooth Remote-Canon BRE1

The ProMaster 9362 Bluetooth Remote Control for Canon replaces the functions of the BR-E1. It connects to a variety of Canon cameras and provides features such as: shutter release, video start & stop, shutter release with delay, zooming of the lens, focusing, and more. Its functionality will vary by camera and lens model.

Bluetooth remotes consume less power than infrared models, and line-of-sight is not required for the remote to operate the camera. Bluetooth also paves the way for two-way communication, which allows the camera to send information back to the remote. In addition to triggering the shutter, photographers and videographers will appreciate that these remotes can operate the zoom of compatible lenses. A CR2032 battery is included.

Key Features

  • Triggers the shutter of compatible cameras
  • Operates the zoom of compatible lenses
  • Two-way communication between the camera and remote
  • Low power consumption
  • Line of sight is not required for the remote to operate the camera.