Promaster MD Mini Dovetail Clamp

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Promaster MD Mini Dovetail Clamp

The PROMASTER M.D. Clamp works with the 3685 M.D. Plate as well as all ProMaster XC-M tripods (every XC-M has an M.D. plate factory-installed on its yoke).

M.D. stands for Mini Dovetail. It allows for quick attachment of photographic accessories. The clamp itself has a common 3/8"-16 threaded port allowing it to be connected to accessories like a flex arm, articulated arm, etc... A 1/4"-20 threaded adapter is also included with this clamp.

So, let's explore a great example of how to use a ProMaster M.D. clamp, shall we? If you own an XC-M tripod you can connect the M.D. clamp to its yoke in just seconds. Perhaps you have a Flex Arm pre-attached to the M.C. clamp and an LED light attached to the other end of the arm. Maybe you are taking macro shots on an overcast day and you want to use a light to add some flair to the photograph. Just connect your M.D. clamp to the XC-M tripod and use the flex arm to place the LED light in the perfect position. Now you can operate your camera while the light remains in place. When your finished it takes just seconds to disconnect.

Imagine how quickly you can connect and position lights, flashes, phones, tablets, video monitors, microphones, and more!

If you don't own an XC-M tripod but wish to use this incredible system with another tripod or grip item, purchase the 3573 M.D. Universal Q.R. plate.

Key Features

  • Weight: 1 3/16 oz / 34 grams
  • Connection type: 3/8"-16 threaded female port (1/4"-20 adapter included)