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Promaster Ultrasoft 1014RGB LED Transport Kit

An incredibly compact 2-light kit that combines two technologies, Ultrasoft and RGB, into one amazing light!

The ProMaster Ultrasoft US1014RGB LED Light blends two important technologies. As an Ultrasoft series light it is amazingly soft, flattering, and beautiful with no need for additional modifiers. Using RGBWW LEDs, it achieves 360 hues, saturation control, special effects, and an extra-wide bi-color range of 2,500K – 8,500K. Together these form a light unlike any other. With the added benefit of wireless control using ProMaster’s Light Attendant app, the US1014RGB is truly one of the finest lights available today.

With a 120° beam angle, the US1014RGB covers a wide area even when you need to place the light close to your subject. This is particularly useful in tight spaces. Fully adjustable 4-panel barn doors are included; these let you control and feather the light’s beam.

Despite being a powerful light, the US1014RGB panel is thin and noiseless thanks to a passive cooling system, making it perfect for video.

The on-board controls are intuitive and easy to use. These lights are also compatible with the ProMaster Light attendant app for wireless control via phone or tablet. Using the app is a pleasure. It connects to the lights so quickly and easily, you’ll wonder why other Bluetooth devices aren’t this good! The app interface is both intuitive and highly responsive, with onboard help menus if you need some guidance along the way. Use it with your smartphone or tablet and Light Attendant will scale to the device’s screen size for optimal performance.

Each light can be powered one of three ways: AC adapter, NP-F type batteries (two required), or a D-Tap connection from a V-Mount or Gold Mount battery (no batteries are included).

This 2-light Transport Kit includes 2 Ultrasoft US1014RGB lights, 2 LS-CT 6.3’ light stands, and 2 AC adapters. Each light stand collapses to just 16” and has independently adjustable legs for solid footing on uneven terrain. The semi-rigid transport case is terrific for storage, protection, and travel. Every component of this kit is organized in die-cut foam inserts within the transport case. Additional fabric dividers are included which allow you to remove the foam inserts and organize the case's interior in various, alternative configurations.

Key Features

  • Ultrasoft LED design emits incredibly soft light without the need for modifiers.
  • RGB mode with 360 colors and saturation control.
  • Variable color temperature range of 2,500K – 8,500K.
  • Special effects mode with 19 scenes.
  • Excellent color rendition (TLCI 98+ / CRI 96+)
  • Wide 120° beam angle.
  • Three power options: AC, NP-F batteries, and D-Tap (batteries sold separately).
  • Works wirelessly with the free Light Attendant app, available for iOS and Android.

  • Specifications

    Photometrics (at 5,600K / 100% brightness):
    3,600 lux at 1.64' / 0.5 m
    1,040 lux at 3,28 ' / 1 m
    160 lux at 9.84' / 3 m
    Luminous Flux (lumens): 2,600 lm +/- 250 lm
    Brightness Adjustment: 1 - 100%
    Color Temperature: 2,500K - 8,500K +/- 200K
    Color Accuracy: TLCI 98+ & CRI 96+
    Beam Angle: 120-degrees
    Batteries: NP-F x 2 or D-Tap x 1 (not included)
    Fixture Mount: 5/8" Receiver
    Wireless Connection: Bluetooth (registered trademark)
    Controller: ProMaster Light Attendant app
    Groups: A, B, & C + All
    Channels: 1 - 15 + All
    Operational Range: 49' / 15
    Maximum Power Consumption: 50 W
    Cooling System: Passive
    Working Temperature: 32 - 95 F / 0 - 35 F
    Dimensions: 5 1/8" x 10 3/4" x 2" | 38.4 cm x 27.3 cm x 5.1 (without barn doors or light stand adapter)
    15 1/8" x 14 3/4" x 2 7/8" | 38.4 cm x 37.5 cm x 7.3 cm (with barn doors and light stand adapter)
    Weight:3 lbs 5 oz | 1.5 kg (without barn doors or light stand adapter) 5 lbs | 2.27 kg (with barn doors and light stand adapter)

What's Included

2 Ultrasoft US1014RGB lights
2 LS-CT light stands
2 barn door assemblies (4 panels each)
2 AC power adapters
2 D-Tap power cables
1 Transport case with foam inserts
2 Fabric dividers (alternative to foam inserts)
Promaster 1 Year Limited Warranty