Rosco 12x12 Photo Gel Kit

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Rosco 12x12 Photo Gel Kit

A collection of essential lighting filters, chosen by photographers, for use on studio strobes and other larger photographic lighting fixtures.

The Photo Lighting Kit contains color filters photographers need to balance and compose their lighting. Whether you're shooting in the studio or on location, this kit contains the lighting filters you need to get the shot you want.

The range includes CTO amber and CTB blue filters to warm or cool the overall tone of your shots, Neutral Density filters that predictably lower the output of non-dimmable light sources, Plusgreen filters to balance your strobe to existing fluorescent lighting and a range of vibrant effects filters that add bold color into the composition of your photo.

Key Features

  • 12x12 Inch Filter Size
  • 20 Filter Colors

What's Included

Rosco Photo Lighting Filter Kit (12 x 12")
Full CTB #3202
Half CTB # 3204
Quarter CTB #3208
Sun 85 CTO #3401
Sun Half CTO #3408
Sun Quarter CTO #3409
Pale Gold #08
Tough Plusgreen #3304
N.15 Neutral Density #3415
N.6 Neutral Density #3403
N.9 Neutral Density #3404
Straw Yellow #12
Orange #23
Light Red #26
No Color Pink #33
Skelton Exotic Sangria (Magenta) #39
Rose Indigo (Purple) #358
Primary Blue #80
Cerulean Blue (Cyan) #375
Dark Yellow Green #90