Sanyo Eneloop 4 AA Charger Kit

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Sanyo Eneloop MQR06 Ni-MH 4AA Charger Kit

The microprocessor controlled quick-charger MQR06 is perfectly made for the demanding user. The plug is molded to the case for direct use into an A/C wall socket. If you take off the European plug, you will be able to use the US-plug, which is placed behind it. A very special feature is the individual charging, whereas each single cell gets charged on it´s own. The charging progress gets checked and ended for each single cell via Peak-Cut-Control. On top you have the possibility to choose between 3 charging tempos. 1-4 eneloops at normal speed need to get charged 220 minutes. Only 2 eneloops just need to get charged half of the time- 110 minutes. If you only want to charge one single eneloop, you can even do this with triple speed in only 75 minutes.

Key Features:

  • Can Be Used Immediately
    Because of the Low Self Discharge rate Eneloop batteries can be used right away out of the package without having to be charged.

  • Longer Storage Time
    Because of the Low Self Discharge rate Eneloop batteries can be charged and used months later, making them great for the occasional flash user, or casual picture taker.

  • Low Self Discharge
    Eneloop batteries retain 85% of their initial charge after a storage time of 1 year, a conventional NiMH battery from will lose about 50%. After a storage time of 3 years an Eneloop battery still retains 75% of its inital capacity whereas a normal NiMH battery has no capacity left after 2 years. Some NiMH batteries have an even worse rate of self discharge. A loss of 1% of its initial charge per day is not uncommon.

  • More Picture Taking
    In general eneloop has a higher performance than normal Alkaline batteries or classic rechargeable ones.  An Eneloop battery is generally 4.4 times more powerful than an average Alkaline battery.

  • Cost Effective
    Costs about 4 cents per recharge.

  • Long Life
    Can be recharged up to 1,500 times.

  • Protects Environment
    Because Eneloop batteries last longer you won't be throwing them away and buying new ones as frequently.

    Sanyo 1-Year Limited Warranty Included

    Supplied Accessories:
    Sanyo Eneloop MQR06 Charger
    4 Eneloop AA 1.2V 2000mAH Ni-MH Batteries